Tuesday, July 28, 2015

.SEVENTY SEMANAS. and Spanglish

it snows in Durango, Mexico!!!!! .....there are so many gnats (mayotes) that it literally looks like snow....and just walking in the street turns me into a semi-truck because we get to a lesson and my shirt and skirt are covered in dead gnats that the front of a semi.....hahahahaha sad truth. but funny.
we are getting random rain storms and i think that is the cause for so many mayotes (mosquitoes and gnats). but the rain storms here are a mixture of water and dirt. its fun..
Manuel and Monica. two different investigators, similar life stories and the same baptism date :)
Manuel is a single dad that has overcome his drug and drinking addiction and is going 2 months strong right now :) his two sons are members and he is excited to follow their examples and be baptized the 25th of July. he says thats he's trying to clean his personal temple so he can be pure enough to enter the temple real one, one day :)
Monica was an investigator for 3 years!!! she is also a single mom. she came back to the church on her own because she has been fighting and conquering the same addictions and now is more prepared to be baptized!! she was scared to set a date and was doubting herself. we helped her see her own faith , strength, and testimony and the Spirit spoke to her and answered her prayer. we invited her to be baptized 25 July (after her saying that she will probably be ready in august or when "the next missionaries" are here) so she was a bit unsure but we invited her to PRAY about it. she prayed and literally felt like God touched her. she knows that she SHOULD be baptized on this day. she told us that she feels like she has already been given so many answers and that now is her time. so she accepted :) she also paid her tithing yesterday :) powerful convert.
love you all!! other experiences but not enough time.

¡Maria Concepcion got baptized!!! finally hahaha she was in my last area and when i left she had accepted a baptismal date :)

a skirt i borrowed from my compaƱion :)

jungle backyard of a member..i LOVE their garden :)

she likes ants on a log :)

Monica is on the left and preparing to be baptized the 25th!!! she literally reminds me of our cousin stephanie and lindsey :)))) sooooo cute and smart!!!!!

making arroz (rice). :)))

the Jauredgi Family!!! sis. Jauredgi had fun making poses for the pictures haha and the after product :) mmmmm. (this was saturday comida (lunch) with members). 

fayuca!!! market contacting with the ward :)) successful :) helping the young women learn how to contact people.

fast offering..we had to make envelopes because there weren't any haha

katty jimenez is an RM that made us the comida yesterday and always comes with us to lessons :) we have great member support!

.WEEK 69.

well didn't leave much time.
we should see baptisms soon :) very strong people who are overcoming strong addictions :)
we contacted and taught a man and His wife who God has prepared. the wife said that her husband never accepts people in their home and has never practiced religion, so it surprised her but let her know just how much they need us and that God knows that and sent us to them.
The husband (Oscar) told us that for things that have passed in his life, he distanced himself from God, but that meeting us is his second chance :)
we read a bit from the Book of Mormon and left them a copy.
Hno. Oscar told us, "this speaks the truth right? like its God talking."  AMEN  Brother Oscar. I KNOW that it is the Word of God, and has power to change the heart of any man that faithfully flips through its pages :)

LOVE the Mormon Channel videos, i suggest you all look them up and watch one!! Gods Grace IS real, and we can feel it all we show our faith, Do ALL of our part that we can, and then according to His will, He steps in. 

cool street mural. pretttyyyy.

i just cant help it!"!!!!!!!!! the Lord knows that I love puppies, for that He sent me here.. :)))) hehehe

The Young Womens group in our Ward!! we taught them in church on Sunday, on how they could respond and explain to their friends about baptism and the true church :)
and they also had me say the Young Womens theme in English, because they are learning it, and i couldn't believe that i remembered it! ahah i felt the Spirit so strong reciting it with them in Spanish and then saying it to them in English as the Spirit just filled me!! "AS SISTER in ZION", no matter where you are in the world, we are all "daughters of our Heavenly Father, who love us and WE LOVE HIM". :) its a true statement.