Friday, March 7, 2014

Eljay's First Letter Home

Well, the blessed day has come, Hermana Johnson has entered the MTC (picture below) and we've received our first letter from Hermana Johnson! From what I've heard, Eljay had a great time in Utah with Barrett and Emily for a day before she reported to the MTC.

Feel free to write her through while she's in the MTC. I know she would love to hear from family and friends. :) PLUS her birthday is coming up (March 28) and a bunch of letters would make her day very special. Feel free to leave a comment if you need more instructions on using As a reminder, her MTC address is: 

Sister Lauren Marie Johnson
2023 N 900 E Unit 827
Provo, UT 84602

Being dropped off by Barrett and Emily!

Hola mi familia!

Oh my goodness. I do not know where to begin. Just know I will never be able to accurately portray my experiences into words for you all...but I will do my best! 

This email will be short and sweet. I was supposed to email you all yesterday to let you know I was alive, but our Branch President (basically the adult overseer of us all) was coming back from travels and we were kind of learning a big lesson of self reliance, right off the bat. haha

The MTC (mission training center) is not like a camp. We don't have supervisors following us all the time telling us what to do. We are given a daily schedule that is PACKED and leave no down time, which is PERFECT. Because now we can be lost in the work and learn a lot more quicker. 

I'm on the "west campus", which is not the main MTC. Because of the increase in missionaries, the church bought some of the nearby apartment buildings and made them into a separate smaller MTC just for Spanish missionaries!!! i LOVE IT. It is a chill version of the other campus. Everyone is SO happy and talking in Spanish with each other, and we get to walk and study outside because we have to walk from buildings to buildings. 
Anyways, it is just amazing. 

The first day when Barrett dropped me off (just like when mom did) I got teary eyed, but i did not let the tears fall!! i'm pretty impressed with myself. Once I came here and immediately after I entered the MTC and jumped right into things I had NO anxieties or fear or sadness. I was IMMEDIATELY happy and had such a sense of peace and comfort and calmness. Because that is what the Spirit of Christ and the Holy Ghost do for you! And I can tell you the Spirit resides here more than anywhere else!! (just like Barrett told me;)

So on a mission, us missionaries are split into districts (a group of missionaries that does everything together and has the same schedule) and it is common to have both ELder and Sisters (men and women). So our district is just WOMEN!! It's the only all girl district that our Branch President (Pres. Collett) has had in his four years here! We are pretty excited. 

So we met him and his wife tonight and they are both SO amazing! We went around and said some things about yourself and bore our testimonies. That was the first time I have cried since being here! yes its only been two days,.but that an accomplishment. I cried when talking about my family and right before mentioning Barrett. ahha you got me when you cried the other day buddy. ;) so i also cried when talking about my relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ!

testimonies are REAL! so is the SPIRIT OF CHRIST!!!

Hermana Johnson

PS- He chose me as Sister Training Leader!! It's basically the same as a District Leader...trying not to be nervous ;)
BUT i know the Lord blesses those who do his work and Will and who serve Him.

PPS-the language is comin along quickly and even though ALL Classes are in Spanish it doesn't make me hesitant, it helps and pushes me!!

In front of the Provo Temple with Barrett and Emily before the drop off.

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