Monday, June 2, 2014

Hola. semana trece.

HOLA. HI. How are you?

So Ive gained respect for the "awkward" returned missionaries that everyone makes fun of. It just happens. And its marvellos.  I think it just means that they did their mission right! I totally see myself coming home speaking Spanglish and talking about my mission. I mess up and forget English words even now. Like in my emails..sorry.

I have muchos familias I am blessed to know and help and teach and be taught by. Every one with a unique life situation an story. 

"Highlights" I guess you could say from this week (although everything is a hightlight, these are just the ones ive remebered in this moment).....

The ward really loves us and we love them. We are fed HUGE lunches every day and have gotten them involved in the work! Just this week we had 10 of our lessons with miembros :) Every first Sunday of the month we teach the third of of church to the whole ward (youth and adults). Yesterday was a way different experience than the last time. I just opened my mouth and the Spirit spoke. It was pretty amazing. Many people complemented me on how much Ive learned. (we talked about testimonies and charity and how thats really what you need when sharing the Gospel)
I really have improved and understand a lot and can express myself better! Even people we contact and just talk to on the street ask how long Ive been here and complement me on how well Im doing for (almost) two months...

wow. almost two months seems like two days. I DON'T EVER WANT TO LEAVE. haha ok.

We had a baptism on Saturday!! Familia Torres Santiago They had been taught my missionaries before us but we helped them through A LOT. and i love them so dearly :) It is amazing to see how much the Gospel has helped them through their struggles :)

A Familia we teach (Familia Marin de Lara) came to church! The wife really wants to change some of her ways in life and has just had a heart prepared to listening and applying the Gospel :) The Sacrement testimony meeting was PERFECT for them. I hope im here longer to help them continue on this righteous path :)

We met and taught a woman on a bench outside of her house. She said that God sent us to her  because she is gong through a lot in her life right now. The lesson was powerful and led by the Spirit. It is something else to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord. I am so blessed.

Thats all I can think of now. I've had computer technical difficulties haha Mexico. 

Hope you are all loving life and living it. Through the light of Christ of course. ;) but really. we have our lives because of Him..what better way to show gratitude than to live as He would. Think about that every day!!!!

Hermana Johnson

Week 12. :)

I'm so glad everyone has had Barrett's wedding to distracted them from missing me so much haha 

The pictures continue to look GORGEOUS. Well done familia. ;)

Well it has only been a few days and I really don't know what to say haha

The work continues to have its ups and downs, but continues to be amazing :)

We teach SO many people and practically have at least one new investigator each day. Each person and family has a problem or difficulty, and unique life story. I love all of them individually, SO MUCH. So there are many individual stories and situations I could share, but honestly don't know where to begin. 

I think overall it is amazing how we can teach and help each person individually, with the same message of the Gospel. I think in almost every lesson we have someone sharing personal feelings and situations that I know the only other time they share them is in their prayers, with Heavenly Father. 

Each moment has made every personlly difficult moment for myself worth it. 

To be able to help a person through a (at most times) life altering situation makes everything worth it..brings purpose to my life. To be a part in the work of the Lord, the work of Salvation, is simply amazing.

The message of truth the Gospel has is enough for each and every person. It is simple. It is of God. It is true. 

I'm sorry these have been very short and non descriptive. 
Just know I'm safe and trying my best and loving it :)

Con much amor,
Hermana LJ

1-After running home in the storm haha front soaked.

2-Parts of the area were flooded obviously..made an adventurous day finding our investigadores :)

3-Mi Compañeras Cumpleaños!! 22, whoot whoot!

4-Hermanas in our area at church this Sunday :) (Hermana Martinez, Decker, Ryan, Yanes, Martinez, Me)

Semana Once. (more than two months!)

Hi. Hola. 

Yes im alive.

Still in the same area and LOVING it. I honestly dont know how I will ever leave it. 

We had a Conference with our Mission President Monday and Tuesday so that is why I didnt email. lo siento.

Learned a ton from the Conference of course. Lots of revelation. I know that Presidente Flores es un 
representative of God. You can feel in through his words.

I have never felt so close to God and the purpose of the life than out here. It is something really amazing and special. With all of the ups and downs that come with it, I will never regret this decision :)

Every day I grow closer to my Savior, my God, and watch others do the same! 

I could tell mucho stories and examples, but I dont have time. Sorry.

Just know that I am doing more than fine and doing THE BEST thing I could possibly be doing in my life :)

I have to admit Im noticing improvements in myself and the language...ive learned that if I dont give myself some credit (like i normally do) then I second guess myself more. 

Im gaining physical and spiritual strength for sure. 

Thank you Mom and Dad for leading amazing and righteous lives that have lead our family in many wonderful directions :) I am so blessed. Thank you silblings for giving me amazing example to follow :)

ok im about to cry. haha

This life is more than what we see. Its vida eternal. I know my purpose and I am so blessed for that. The ability to help others see the same and find hope, joy, love, and peace in a place and life far from those feelings has been life changing. 

I am so blessed. 

sorry this email was solo sentamientos. 

Ill have more stories on Monday :)

Hebrews 11:16

16 But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city.

This whole chapter is on faith. Faith is where it all beings..its what leads to things even greater.
This is Mexico :)

Ephesians 6:10-11

 10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

 11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

This is for everyone. 


1-si. we eats LOTS of food. it actually hurts haha but my companion likes to help me out haha im really just showing you this picture because my hair has gotten SO much lighter. no se how light it will be in 16 mas mesas?! crazy.

2-Actividad de Distrito hoy. It was at a fun park :) fun change of pace, but now no time for preparation! hah



HOLA. Week Diez.

Time flies. And I am loving it :)

Family you all looked beautimous (to quote daddy roger) yesterday! Nice to hear and see you are all still alive and loving life :) So many wonderful happening in our family. I am for sure grateful for you ALL (that includes the new addition..Emily:)

So yes, last Monday I twisted my ankel pretty bad. It swelled and bruised imediately. Ive never broken a bone or torn something before, but this felt like something I have never felt before. I knew something was out of place and I couldnt walk very well. I bought a wrap and iced it, no worries. It swelled to the size of a tennis ball and we still went out that night tracting and to our lecciones. haha I honestly didnt know if it was faith or ignorance because it hurt so much and was hard to walk haha but I did. The next day we had zone conferance and some of the leaders gave me a priesthood blessing.The power of God and priesthood authority is real, and on the earth today! Dios es nuestros amoroso Padre Celestial. I know that He restored this power through Joseph Smith. It is amazing and a blessing for all. I was able to walk without my ankle hurting and have been going about the same all week. My foot is still swollen and bruised but ive been walking about just fine :) 

Another amazing experience was with an investigator. We met Marina on street because we would see her all the time, and one day just stopped and talked with her. We taught her two times and the third time we visited her, her husband was there waiting for us. He said he had been listening when we were there last time and had so many questions and was so open and receptive to the message! Rogelio is blind. I know that we cant see but he can definitely feel. As we were leaving and shaking hands he asked to hold mine again and said that I have a strong energy and big Spirit! He said that he feels peace and tranquility whenever we are there and whenever I speak. He said it is beautiful and thanked me and said that he has noticed a change in his wife since we have taught her! The Holy Spirit is real. This moment was so touching and powerful for me. I know that me Spanish is coming along and not perfect..I dont write things down, I just speak in the moment with what words I know..I know that others understand me because the Holy Ghost works to help me know what to say and to help others understand. Sorry I have run out of time!!!!!!!!!! BUt i LOVE you all and appreciate all of the feedback and emails. 
Lo siento, i wish I could wirte and explain more. }

Hermana Johnson 

1-¡Mi Zona!

2-La Igelsia! church on domingo

3-the day i hurt my ankle haha

4-in the back of a miembros old truck haha

5-mi familia es bonita



Sorry I always have little time! I hope everyone enjoys these and gets something out of them!

Thank you to EVERYONE for the love and support. It definitely makes a difference. 

We have basically contacted our whole little town because we have started talking to people twice haha oops. 

I LOVE it. Of course you have to people who love us and hate us, but the love ALWAYS outweighs the hate. 

Entonces, needless to say there are many people we teach so I only have time to share different stories :) Hopefully they will connect over the weeks!

This week I had an inspired interview with President. I am SO grateful for our inspired lideres! They definitely give us revelación. My focus this week was to ALWAYS listen to the promptings from the Spirit. It difficult when you are trying to follow the conversations and are not sure if you are understanding correctly or not. Well I have found that everything I think and feel from our conversations and lessons with the people is correct! I really am understanding better than I think, so this week I had some amazing experiences with just saying the thoughts and impressions that came to my mind. 

One ejemplo is every dear to me :) 

We tracted and taught a woman named Diana. Shes actually in her twenties and close to our age. Is married and has two kids. I started off kind of differently with her and was just really comfortable and explained to her who we are and why we are here. My first question to her was ¿Para Usted, quien es Dios? Basically, Who is God to you? She said that last week she had no idea and actually tried to kill herself with pills. She said that my question was an answer from God and that she now knows He lives...I have goosebumps just from typing that haha It was AMAZING. The Spirit is real. God does live. And He wants to help us and others return to Him! I know we can do so by listening more to the Spirit. 

The funny part is that I didnt even realize the whole situation or how serious the situation was until afterwards and my companion tried to translate it to me haha But the whole time we taught her I saw the Spirit and sincerity in her eyes. 

Welp. All I can say is the work of the Lord is real. He lives. He knows and loves each one of us. As we come unto Him, we will see the help and the blessings in our lives. 

Paz y Bendiciones mi familia y amigos!

Con amor, Hermana Johnson

Yes. I love the Mexican food here! It is NOT the same as American Mexican food. haha

I call this dog my Amigo!! He was following us one day, and then found me again the next day and followed us to a home and sat on the ground next to me at the door!! haha muy chistoso

A picture of Christ on the street..with blonde hair and blue eyes haha