Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hi. Week 20. ooooh.

So random things I never got around to sharing, or forgot...

  • a lot of the people just wear swimsuits (really the guys) because its that hot
  • there is graffiti everywhere. and i really mean every little nook and crany. its actually quite impressive.
  • i am back to having one compa├▒era (my original Hna. Martinez)..have been for a couple weeks now haha
  • HERMANA SEKONA IS IN MEXICO. in case you forgot, my companion in the MTC. we didnt take a picture which is kind of sad, but the moment was beautiful. it was like seeing someone from home :)
  • someone who drove by us in the streets (or so im assuming) chose to toss some chili salsa concoction at me.. it was lovely. happened so fast haha at least its not rocks, like some areas with the Elders. 
  • i saw the mexican Zac Efron!!!!! not joking. my companion saw too and said the exact same thing in the exact moment. lolz.
  • so apparently this part of mexico really is hot. im lucky ive just gotten used to it. someone visiting from a different part of mexico said Torreon is literally an infern├│. 
  • someone gave me zapatos (shoes) that are literally the best and my new favorites :)
  • as we started one of our lessons with a hymn the dad and daughter that were with us were just listening, but then all of the sudden the wife joined in from the outhouse..she was taking a showering and accompanying us in the himno :) haha
  • last sunday was a sunday of success (more than usual ;). we had four investigators attend church (one was a surprise!) and 4 less active members. im so happy they all showed their faith and followed the promptings from the Spirit and were able to be spiritually strengthened from church! (its also a big deal for me because people have to attend church at least 5 times before they can be baptized and become an active member-for the less actives)
  • there are so many less active members here. there’s like 20ish that we know and teach and 50 that no one in the ward knows. we really do randomly meet people that just say "oh yeah. i was baptized into that religion years ago."
  • i know God directs us to prepared people. we were searching for someone and i had a feeling to knock on a different door, so we did. we met Carlos who is just grand :) we is so kind and happy and we found out he too is a member of about 8 years. but stopped going after 2 months because he thought the church believes Jose Smith is Jesus Christ. im so happy we were able to meet him and clarify the one doubt he had! because obviously that’s not the truth. this was also one of the first days his family has been living in the house because they are in the middle of moving. crazy.
  • there are some "horror" stories of the mission from 3 or 4 years ago. in the mission itself with the missionaries and also in the area with the people. i wont share specifics. but i have a very good feeling that a lot of the change and better state everyone is in now, has to do with President Flores. this became a strict obedience mission and i believe it had an effect on the people too.
  • there is a flavor here of things called Nuez (i think its just a nutty flavor, not sure) but im pretty hooked.
  • i am in the state of Coahila, in the southern part. the state borders America. its funny because when people ask me about the states they always ask if i live close to El Paso. because there affiliation is mostly with texas. 
  • there were many times with week where people answered doors or saw us and said "¡Que milagro!" haha like what a miracle. because it has been some time since we have seen them or the perfect time. it just helps me see how much they really do care and love our work with them :)
  • so i really do think i live in a ghetto area. the people always say "out in the calle" or "in the calle" and i just realized that they are basically referring to what we know as "the streets"
  • i also bet if i was just here for some random reason on my own, and not a representative of Jesus Christ i would probably feel a tad unsafe. 
  • a lot of people this week couldn’t get over the fact they don’t know our first names or that we can say them. haha in a lesson with a member he responded to one of them "its because angels don’t have names". i thought it was cute :)

well that was long and random.
thanks for the love and the support.
i hope everyone is living their faith enough to feel the love that God has for you. 
its real.
i feel it for his children every day.

love you all with all my heart :) (and i mean it)
hermana johnson

i couldnt help but sing sara bareilles in my head (it says brave)

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