Monday, March 30, 2015

weeek 55!!!


We are working hard and loving it.
Everything is a learning process. but its great :)
sorry i'm not really saying much in the emails these days. 
i think things are just so normal that i don't even think to share them haha
that's something i love about training, i'm really valuing all of the experiences..things that have now become "normal" for me, I am learning from my companion (her reactions and new experiences) how really amazing and great they are :)
everything we do in the work of the Lord and in His names sake, is great and grand. 
Every day we experiences little miracles. every day we are filled with the Spirit and amazing moments that just remind us of why we are here, how great God is, and how special it is to be a Representative of Jesus Christ. 
My companion is a little Spiritual Giant and I am so greatful to my Heavenly Father to know her. This companionship is divine. Its very humbling to learn from her humility as she learns everything and works hard as if shes already been in the field a while.
In our District meeting she bore her testimony and said how she has never felt the Spirit so much in her life, than the first week we have had together. In our Companionship inventory this week, she shared with me how she knows we were meant to be companions. your first companion is your vision of the mission and lots of people don't have very good experiences, but she is so grateful that we are together as companions and that this is her vision of the mission.
 i really haven't had companions that tried to learn English, or didn't like it, and I have so much respect and love for my companion as she steps in my shoes and tries to learn another language :)  Presidente Ramos told her to "learn everything from Sister Johnson." that even includes English. haha Im the only Americana sister trainer. for her its a blessing that she had this opportunity :)
we continue to find prepared people and contiune to be humbled and grateful before the Lord and this confidence He shows in us. 
love you all. love the work I'm doing. getting lost in it.
hermana johnson

Hna. Martinez (the third) returned home! she loves the dress mom :)

me and my companion with some popular dessert that everyone makes for Semana Santa (it isnt just in Mexico, the holidays are week long) haha its so great.

us with Abraham!! he is about 35 years old, has disabilities, and loving life. his mom is Primary President and doesnt know how to use a camera :) haha love them. (he likes to do "pound it" but with the thumb..and we say "paz")

oh. im 21.

my companion is cute :) (Her companion had her blow out bday candles in the little hostess cupcakes!)

leaving for the conference. kevin wanted a backpack too. (little missionary..un misionerito)

birthday lunch with the sisters in our ward

wore my Bridger necklace and thought of his big day :)

laundry this morning.

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