Tuesday, April 29, 2014

8 Week?? I don't even know.

Hello Family and Friends!
We are still in Utah winding up the wedding festivities. Barrett and Emily's wedding was so beautiful.  They were a gorgeous and very happy bride and groom.  Everything went so well with many smiles all around!  Even the pouring rain and cold temps didn't dampen the spirit of the day!  Lauren has sent pictures from today's letter and I've attached a few more from the wedding.  Enjoy!


Miss me?
Lo siento if the typing is weird, Spanish keyboards.

First off, CONGRATULATIONS BARRETT AND EMILY. The pictures look wonderful :) I have a model family for sure!

Sorry if my emails become rushed or not as interesting. I have very little time and mucho cosas en mi mente. I kept a list of things I would want to mention, so as random as they are here they go...

For a while there, me and my companion would spend most of the time trying to communicate so we would go to bed late and we have to be up at 6:20, so needless to say I would be pretty sleepy. But I’ve found energy these past few days so no sueño!

There are TONS of dogs and TONS of taxis (little smart cars) and TONS of ants (hormigas). Yes it is hard not to pet every dog that passes by or follows me...but then again with some it’s not as hard.haha

The area that we live in is on the other side of the tracks...but literally is split by train tracks. I LOVE our area. It is very crazy and humble at the same time. I bet we’ve already contacted every person here...haha well not quite. But people definitely notice and know us.

Our little area seems secluded from *civilization* (can’t find the quote button). We walked 45 minutes to get to the grocery store last Lunes.

One amazing experience we had was with Laura (there are a lot of Lauras here). We were trying to find a family we had met the day before. The mother answered the door and let us in. When we got in we found out the lady was not actually the person we thought she was and was a complete stranger! haha wrong house. So we met Laura. She let us in because she had apparently been taught by missionaries before, and she has literally been reading in the scriptures right before we got there (they were on the couch) and then we showed up! She said we were an answer to her prayers and I believe it :) it was a pretty amazing out of the blue experience.

We sing hymns to start every lesson, no matter if we are in a house or on the street. The people here LOVE to sing and every single one of them has their own key :) haha i love it. not everyone owns scriptures but practically everyone owns a hymn book. So dont be surprised if i come back without a good singing voice ;)

yes I use sunscreen every day and I am not burnt. have a pretty sweet shoe and ring tan.

Oh. I hope you weren’t worried mom, in the pictures from last week. I have no clue how I got that bruise but the scratch was from something random in a street. No biggy. Got my shots. ;) haha no its clean.

So in the MTC they said once you start to dream in Spanish then thats a good sign..I had a dream in Spanish last week!! well it was Spanglish. But pretty chistoso. I am understanding things pretty well! I can follow every conversation and lesson, but if someone asks me something directly I freeze up! Got to work on that.

The showers are cold and a small little stream, but I love the cold showers with the heat. We do have a microwave but when you use it you have to be careful or the power in the house will go out.

I think every day is a fiesta for the people. Constantly blasting music from their homes or cars :)

I will also probably come back with jacked up feet and knees because we kneel to pray practically all the time and all the floors are hard or tile.

The next week is lluvia lagumera, which means rain but the rain is actually dirt...so not sure how that will go but I’ll let you know! haha

Mexico livin.

Someone has asked me to bring him across the border to America.

Ok that was a weird note to end on. PERO I LOVE YOU ALL.

1 Juan 4:18. A big lesson I’m going through right now. I need to learn to have complete love for the people here and then my fears with the language and such will go away.


HErmana Johnson

Congrats Barrett & Emily!

The one pic is a lip mark from an investigator. All women kiss on the cheek here


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