Monday, March 24, 2014

Week Two. Whoot Whoot!

HOLA. hi.

How is everyone?? I have REALLY felt the love this week from family and friends. So MUY MUY MUY GRACIAS to all of you who are thinking about me and sending letters and such and even reading this! I hope you find something to uplift and enlighten you :)

This week was just grand. Of course I love everything I am doing here, all that I'm learning and experiencing, but just like any great work it does get hard. Let me tell you..trying to become "fluent" in a language in 6 weeks..not gonna be easy. I may have had a slight moment of discouragement where it all kind of hit me and I just got frustrated that I couldn't always understand what the maestro (teacher) was saying, or what the people I teach were saying, or that I couldn't fully express what I wanted to say because I don't have a big enough vocabulary yet, but the biggest thing was that I was upset at myself for being upset! haha silly right? Through all of this I knew that there was no point in being discouraged because I knew that all I can do is to keep trying and doing my best. That, or quit. But what would be accomplished from quitting? Nothing. So I basically told myself   "if you don't have the language then you might as well have the attitude!" (yes i quoted myself). I know that discouragement is not of God. And i know that as long as I'm trying my best, Heavenly Father will provide the rest. And then I also stop and think..ITS ONLY BEEN TWO WEEKS. haha I have about 70 more to go!! PLENTY of time to improve myself. But then again what's the harm in starting now? :)

Being the District Training Leader has also been quite the experience. I didn't realize how much I'm looked at and followed by, at least by these girls. It has definitely been humbling, but also such an opportunity for growth! Everyone here that I meet and work with has SO much to offer in knowledge, testimony, character, advice, EVERYTHING. Just think of how uplifting the human race could be if they let their gifts shine and truly "turn outward" in the pure love and concern for others, just as Christ does. That is basically what we do here. So what better place would anyone want to be??!!!?  Sorry mom and dad ;)

The last two Branch Council meetings (leadership meetings) I was in, they asked me on the spot to give a scripture and spiritual thought. I actually was not nervous or totally shocked. Both times I knew right away what I wanted to say and it came out in ways that seemed to speak to everyone else, and bring the Spirit! I mean talk about Divine Guidance :) I know that anyone can feel of the Spirit of Christ and have the Holy Ghost to guide you to do good, and to guide you to eternal happiness! We just have to make all of our daily decisions in accordance to what the Lord would do. How else do we become like him? I know that by doing this we become vessels of the Spirit and have to opportunity to enlighten and be enlightened :) I hope that made sense. Haha

I've made SO many friends and lots have already left. There are people coming and going every week. But so is the work. I don't know if I mentioned last time, but mi companera's (my companion's) name is Hermana Sekona! She's from Anaheim, California (spelling? it's next to Disney). There is another Hermana from Gilbert, Arizona and three from different parts of Utah. I'm stuck in the middle with age, but we are all between 19-21. Everyone is so great :) We have made quite the little family! We all LOVE music and sometimes go to the piano room and sing special arrangements together. SO beautiful. Music is SUCH a strong gateway to feel the Spirit! I love it :) Not much more I can say really. haha sorry.

I have had so many experiences in teaching, meetings, lessons, and just talking with others, where I listened to the promptings of the Spirit and followed "my gut feeling", which led to some really great experiences not only for me but for others. This just shows that as you put yourself in the right place, at the right time, have faith and truly prepare yourself, things will work out for the best. I mean taking advantage of living and being in an environment centered around can't go wrong right? ;)


keep spreading the love. your love, Christ's really is all the same :)
Just go to Him. He's always waiting with open arms!

Hermana Johnson

Ps. DandC 29:5!! Heaven Fahter knows you and he stops and looks down at us working hard and says "that's my daughter" or "thats my son". i know that by working hard, and especailly by doing HIS work, I'm making Him smile :) we can all find joy in that!! 

hopefully that was the right sciprture..left mine at home..oops. BYE

One of my teachers, Hermano Toledo. Just think of Pedro from Neapolitan Dynamite and that's him. haha we LOVE him.

my District with two friends who already left for Mexico!!

yes yes. we went to Main Campus and did the classic map pictures. you are welcome.

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