Monday, June 2, 2014



Sorry I always have little time! I hope everyone enjoys these and gets something out of them!

Thank you to EVERYONE for the love and support. It definitely makes a difference. 

We have basically contacted our whole little town because we have started talking to people twice haha oops. 

I LOVE it. Of course you have to people who love us and hate us, but the love ALWAYS outweighs the hate. 

Entonces, needless to say there are many people we teach so I only have time to share different stories :) Hopefully they will connect over the weeks!

This week I had an inspired interview with President. I am SO grateful for our inspired lideres! They definitely give us revelaciĆ³n. My focus this week was to ALWAYS listen to the promptings from the Spirit. It difficult when you are trying to follow the conversations and are not sure if you are understanding correctly or not. Well I have found that everything I think and feel from our conversations and lessons with the people is correct! I really am understanding better than I think, so this week I had some amazing experiences with just saying the thoughts and impressions that came to my mind. 

One ejemplo is every dear to me :) 

We tracted and taught a woman named Diana. Shes actually in her twenties and close to our age. Is married and has two kids. I started off kind of differently with her and was just really comfortable and explained to her who we are and why we are here. My first question to her was ¿Para Usted, quien es Dios? Basically, Who is God to you? She said that last week she had no idea and actually tried to kill herself with pills. She said that my question was an answer from God and that she now knows He lives...I have goosebumps just from typing that haha It was AMAZING. The Spirit is real. God does live. And He wants to help us and others return to Him! I know we can do so by listening more to the Spirit. 

The funny part is that I didnt even realize the whole situation or how serious the situation was until afterwards and my companion tried to translate it to me haha But the whole time we taught her I saw the Spirit and sincerity in her eyes. 

Welp. All I can say is the work of the Lord is real. He lives. He knows and loves each one of us. As we come unto Him, we will see the help and the blessings in our lives. 

Paz y Bendiciones mi familia y amigos!

Con amor, Hermana Johnson

Yes. I love the Mexican food here! It is NOT the same as American Mexican food. haha

I call this dog my Amigo!! He was following us one day, and then found me again the next day and followed us to a home and sat on the ground next to me at the door!! haha muy chistoso

A picture of Christ on the street..with blonde hair and blue eyes haha

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