Monday, June 2, 2014

HOLA. Week Diez.

Time flies. And I am loving it :)

Family you all looked beautimous (to quote daddy roger) yesterday! Nice to hear and see you are all still alive and loving life :) So many wonderful happening in our family. I am for sure grateful for you ALL (that includes the new addition..Emily:)

So yes, last Monday I twisted my ankel pretty bad. It swelled and bruised imediately. Ive never broken a bone or torn something before, but this felt like something I have never felt before. I knew something was out of place and I couldnt walk very well. I bought a wrap and iced it, no worries. It swelled to the size of a tennis ball and we still went out that night tracting and to our lecciones. haha I honestly didnt know if it was faith or ignorance because it hurt so much and was hard to walk haha but I did. The next day we had zone conferance and some of the leaders gave me a priesthood blessing.The power of God and priesthood authority is real, and on the earth today! Dios es nuestros amoroso Padre Celestial. I know that He restored this power through Joseph Smith. It is amazing and a blessing for all. I was able to walk without my ankle hurting and have been going about the same all week. My foot is still swollen and bruised but ive been walking about just fine :) 

Another amazing experience was with an investigator. We met Marina on street because we would see her all the time, and one day just stopped and talked with her. We taught her two times and the third time we visited her, her husband was there waiting for us. He said he had been listening when we were there last time and had so many questions and was so open and receptive to the message! Rogelio is blind. I know that we cant see but he can definitely feel. As we were leaving and shaking hands he asked to hold mine again and said that I have a strong energy and big Spirit! He said that he feels peace and tranquility whenever we are there and whenever I speak. He said it is beautiful and thanked me and said that he has noticed a change in his wife since we have taught her! The Holy Spirit is real. This moment was so touching and powerful for me. I know that me Spanish is coming along and not perfect..I dont write things down, I just speak in the moment with what words I know..I know that others understand me because the Holy Ghost works to help me know what to say and to help others understand. Sorry I have run out of time!!!!!!!!!! BUt i LOVE you all and appreciate all of the feedback and emails. 
Lo siento, i wish I could wirte and explain more. }

Hermana Johnson 

1-¡Mi Zona!

2-La Igelsia! church on domingo

3-the day i hurt my ankle haha

4-in the back of a miembros old truck haha

5-mi familia es bonita

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