Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 12. :)

I'm so glad everyone has had Barrett's wedding to distracted them from missing me so much haha 

The pictures continue to look GORGEOUS. Well done familia. ;)

Well it has only been a few days and I really don't know what to say haha

The work continues to have its ups and downs, but continues to be amazing :)

We teach SO many people and practically have at least one new investigator each day. Each person and family has a problem or difficulty, and unique life story. I love all of them individually, SO MUCH. So there are many individual stories and situations I could share, but honestly don't know where to begin. 

I think overall it is amazing how we can teach and help each person individually, with the same message of the Gospel. I think in almost every lesson we have someone sharing personal feelings and situations that I know the only other time they share them is in their prayers, with Heavenly Father. 

Each moment has made every personlly difficult moment for myself worth it. 

To be able to help a person through a (at most times) life altering situation makes everything worth it..brings purpose to my life. To be a part in the work of the Lord, the work of Salvation, is simply amazing.

The message of truth the Gospel has is enough for each and every person. It is simple. It is of God. It is true. 

I'm sorry these have been very short and non descriptive. 
Just know I'm safe and trying my best and loving it :)

Con much amor,
Hermana LJ

1-After running home in the storm haha front soaked.

2-Parts of the area were flooded obviously..made an adventurous day finding our investigadores :)

3-Mi Compañeras Cumpleaños!! 22, whoot whoot!

4-Hermanas in our area at church this Sunday :) (Hermana Martinez, Decker, Ryan, Yanes, Martinez, Me)

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