Tuesday, July 22, 2014

semana 15. yupp.

so we had our exchanges today and me and hermana martinez are still in the same area, but we have a thrid companion hermana decker! its going to be real interesting but im excited. we have all been in the same ward this whole time so we know each other really well, we just now added the area she and her old companion had, so we have an even bigger area with more people, investigators, walking, everything. challenge accepted. i just hope we have time to visit everyone!! i love them all so much. i know God will help guide us to the people that are prepared and needing us at the right times. 

i have gotten better at using different scriptures in the moment, like if i sense something from someone (aka the holy ghost tells me) or someone mentions a trial they are going through, i find a scripture for them to read and they relate perfectly to it. i was funny because i actually had a specific exp this week where a woman, well she shared many things, but she said how it was dififuclt for her to go to church on sundays because she works saturday nights, but shes really religious and wants to change some of her ways for her and her kids (the word of wisdom-smoking). so i had her read matt 6:31-3 (also in 3 nephi 13) and she was so shoked and kept saying how i understood her perfectly. haha she felt the spirit. thats what matters. the spirit taught her an important life lesson, individual to her. i m just blessed that im living worthily enough to be able to be a vessel of the spirit and help people with their indiviual needs. i also have a funny experience with a man (less active member of many years) who is very political and confused about life because he believes in god and like religion but cant stop talking and worrying about politics..so i shared the "when they are learned they think they are wise" scripture and my companion just looked at me trying not to laugh. haha i didnt think in that moment, i just did. and it worked out how it was supposed to. he told us that he wants to practice religion again and that if he does it will be with our chruch, because he is a very "learned man" (studies a lot) and knows that the doctrine is true. So i guess im starting to learn how to be bold. definitely feeling "the wrath" of god at moments when he wants to teach some of his children lessons. when you do things out of sincere love, and for me i know i feel the love that god has for each of his children, then things work out as they should. its literally helping people reaturn to our father in heaven. i know that thats the purpose of this life. once you realize this life is not yours (its a gift from god at the price of jesus christ), thats when you really start living. i think "real living" is living for others. for our brothers and sisters. yeah "you only live once", but you live with the consequences for eternity. i want my "consequences" to be good, and effective. a line from one of my favotire church songs "while He died to make men holy, let us live to make men free". Jesus Christ has given us the opportunity at this life, and the path to return to our Heavenly Father. How will you live today, and everyday to be able to recive this gift and show your gratitude to the One we are all endebted to?

i LOVE you all and appreciate the love im recieveing :)

con mi todo corazon, 

hermana johnson

so i found my heart in mexico. didnt know i lost it. but seriously. this. puppy. mi corazon. i died. dont worry it was alive just sound asleep en mi brazos :)))))

 cute kids playing in this tub thing in the street with the water. they also got creative with crates to walk over.

way to rep it america. this is what they think our food it...haha not ashamed. 

zoom in on the truck full of men...yeah this is normal. "mexi pack" is a real thing, not racist.


so it rained a lot this week. and mexico doesnt have a very good sewage system. needless to say it was interesting. haha and gross. there were parts we walked through up to our knees haha it was fun.

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