Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 14. 3 MONTHS.

Hi fam. Bye fam.

This will be a short one.

Gracias everybody for your love and support and prayers. It is felt and it is more than appreciated. :)
Not much to report, or that I can report really haha 

We almost got torn apart by a dog. hahaha its actually funny to think about. The first time we"ve had a problem and the perro came out of no where! My companion jumped back real fast and took off her bag at the same time to swing at him hahaha it was great. and scary. but we"re alive. and that story is really the least of my worries.
Um we met a woman on the street who asked if we were Christians and wanted us to talk to and teach her daughter. She has twins that are 20 and one went to a Satanas del Mundo  iglesia in Novemeber and was apparently baptized for the devil. It was interesting needless to say. I shall keep you updated on that one.
But many other different lessons this week.

There is one familiy (Familia Ramierez) who has a 15 year old daughter with disabilities who I just love. We started teaching them the Plan of Salvation and I had a moment of dejavu while I was about to ask the mom a question and just felt the spirit so strong that I needed to ask something specific. She was having problems beliving that we will be resurrected like Christ with a perfect body. I asked her if she believed that all of her children would have a body perfected after this life..she looked inside the house at her daughter and knew I was refering to her. We shared some scriptures and explained more but She felt the Spirit so strong and I could see more hope in her eyes. 

Um i don't know too much of what else to say...

we had a wonderful conference with president and he asked me to bear my testimony on the gift of tounges..it was a great moment. I really do believe in the Gift of Tounges and that because I am called and set apart with power from on high, I am able to use that power to understand and communicate with people of a totally different langugae. Needless to say My testimony of the power of the Spirit has grown now more than ever. 

I have also been helping my companion more this week on her English, because president stressed  that its not only for the Americans but the GIft of Tounges is for all missionaries to experience on their mission. It has really helped with use feeling more "equal" and with her understanding how difficult it is for me haha

So all is well. Living life and loving it. 

Living a life with CHRIST and loving it :)

ok. paz.

no time for pics.

otra semana.


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