Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 18. What.


Where to begin. The week went by so fast but look back seems like more time than a week! Lots happened. sorry if i leave you in suspense because i dont explain everything haha

Overall, my companion and I really did see a lot of progression individually and as a companionship. Our lessons were better, my contacting, our planning, how we act and show amor (love) :) You could see the difference in the progression of our investigators and in the new people that we met, and that I know God had prepared for us :)
Randoms stories....

With one family that we teach, the wife is about my age, they have two kids, and live in a place thats kinda torn up and not kept. I decide I wanted to try and help her out, so we swept and shoveled some things up (i literally used a shovel to shovel up garbage into bags). As i was shoveling hundreds..and im not exagerating...hundreds of cocroaches came out of the piles and scattered EVERYWHERE. (incase i havent told you, torreon is infested and known for its ants and cocroaches). My companion was kinda freaking out and i tried to help her not to show it. In this moment i honestly wasnt scared or disgusted. I actually remebered how mom told me about a time dad was helping to clean out a house and removed something from the wall and a bunch of cocroaches crawled up his arms but he did everything calmly and just moved on. When youre really doing something for the purpose and out of love, thats all that really shines. This cute girl  said shes not used to this (getting help or service) but definitely appreciated it..even though a few cocraoches fell into the dinner she was making. haha true story.

This opportunity we had to help out this person was an opportunity to show our love we have for her in a different way. I know we did that and built more confidence with her. 
Ok, another quick crazy story. 

We went to the home of Marina and Rogelio (a family i contacted and weve been teaching since we got here and who is very close to our hearts) a couple times this week. But one time as we entered the door was left open to let air is because its just so darn hot. as we were standing there inside i started to help her sweep, and all of the sudden we just hear a loud mans voice. but we recognized who it was right away (some man we have contacted that is not very kind and very into his catholic religion. which is good for him, respect you know.) right away he starts aggressively talking to Hna. Marina about how she cant accept us and that we are dangerous and she cant be in his church if she does. It was a moment where i wanted to laugh out of the ridiculousness of the man and cry out of fear and his misunderstanding. Well good thing Marina is a woman of God and knows us and our intentions. Everything if fine with her, but the man works in the park that is in the center of our area and the following days he made it a point to watch where we were going and who we were talking to. 

Everything is fine. dont be worried. i am safe. Just an interesting experience aside from the wonderful one i try to share :)

every experience grows you. i pray for the mans heart. literally.

Its amazing to think about how i was called here when they looked at my picture. They looked into my eyes and saw my heart. I know that I am finding my heart each day and with each experience I have here. 

I hope everyone is well and happy :) 

Know that i am too :)

Hermana Johnson 

Oh one of the grandsons of an investigator was wearing a red white and blue basketball jersey that just said eljay..exactly how i spell it in all lowercase...i coveted it. hahaha 

Oh, and dont worry mom and dad. You guys asked me before i left for the mission how i would survive without someone to eat the rest of my food...well God blessed me with the perfect companion! haha im always full, shes always hungry, the people dont see when i plop some of my food on her plate. win, win, win.

PS - MOTABs "How Firm a Foundation", surprisingly easy to jam to. Try it. 
there may be some fist bumping opportunities..

1 & 2-this little lady Rosie just lit up my life :))

3-Hna. Mirna we contacted and have been teaching and helping her family through a lot since ive been here :) yes mom i wore my red white and blue. (dont you just want to pinch this babys cheeks :)))) (that hair though haha)

4-Maria at curch :)

1 & 2-i love the fruit trees here. (probabaly my first mission selfie.)

3-this dog followed me to comida de hora (lunch-we eat in members homes) and literally whined at the door and kept escaping inside. i kinda felt bad haha but it was funny. another missionary tried to take a picture with her after me but the dog walked away toward me hahaha!!! i named her nancy. (so regal)

4-MY PACKAGE. thanks mom. the crosses definitely blessed it to arrive in safe travel :) 

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