Tuesday, July 22, 2014

¡Semana Seventeen!

These last two weeks with a companionship of three and a HUGE area was awesome. I met a lot more people to love, walked off a bunch of weight, and learned a ton about myself. Me and my companion have decided that we are just exactly the same person, and at times that makes it hard haha we are both pretty independent, ¨get it done¨, and at times kinda proud people. I mean pride is pretty much the downfall of the human race. It definitely took our sweet third companion these last two weeks to help us learn a lesson of being more ¨light hearted¨. We’re lucky we´ve never had huge problems with each other, it’s just the little things that become bigger. (Alma 37:6-7) That’s true for good things and bad things. Well since we are practically the same person we just straight out talked about it like normal and have completely and pleasantly agreed that the natural man is not a friend (mosiah 3:19). We know that these next 4 or 6 weeks we have together (in was not transferred fyi..whoot whoot) is like our second chance in this area. We know that we have to change and better ourselves to become worthy of helping and changing the people in our area :) we are off to a good start. No worries. 

I invite everyone to read ¨Let your faith show¨ by elder Russell M. Nelson. I read this talk this morning and just love it. So many good things and thoughts. Here’s what i have.....

I truly believe, of the many reasons I went on a mission, one was to truly learn about myself. To change myself and my perspective. i would have never gained as great and grand of a perspective on life and my priorities as i have here. 

It is all about LIVING the gospel. LIVING your religion. SHOWING your faith. What good is faith and love if you don’t show it? If you BELIEVE in Christ and KNOW that He lives, you will know that He spent His life, and He sacrificed it for YOU to FOLLOW Him. He is THE example. He is THE way. 

It is for us to overcome the natural man and follow and LIVE what we truly believe. Who is in control of you? The world or yourself. 

Do we want what´s easy or do we want what´s right? The right and truth has never been easy. D and C 19:18, Luke 22:42, John 16:33

It is for us to learn how to live in the world, but not be of the world. Life is hard at times, but Christ overcame it all. All we have to do it go to HIM, and we will find rest. 
3 Nephi 5:13. This is me. This is what i am doing. This is why i am here. 
i know my life is a gift. i only hope to strive to live it in a way of giving back to the one i am forever indebted to.
love you all lots,
hermana johnson

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