Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week Sixteen :))

Hola mis amores. 

This was a really busy but really good week as a trio and with two areas combined. Me and my companions laugh and say that President received revelation that we all need to loose weight haha because we are just spending most of our time walking from one place and one house to the next! 

So some special and specific moments from the week..

Started teaching a wonderful woman, Maria de Concepcion. She is in her thirties, has two kids, her husband died unexpectedly a couple of months ago, and she has cancer. She is the definition of a strong person, spiritually and physically. I am so blessed to know her just for the fact that shes an example to me. Every time we teach i want to cry for her, but i haven't because i know we need to be strong for her. Just as strong as she is for herself. in the second lesson she had cut all of her hair because it started falling out, since she started chemo this week. We have been teaching the Plan of Salvation and read a scrip i cant look up right now but somewhere in Nephi (verse 14 i remember) about how our bodies and spirits will be reunited in perfect form after the resurrection, and it specifically says every hair on our head. it was a perfect moment for her. In our next lesson we had a member with us who bore her testimony and it was the first time i had seen maria cry. she shared with us that for the first time she has hope and feels the light in our messages and from us when we teach her. I asked her if she believes that these feelings are the holy ghost and if she believes the holy ghost testifies of truth. the moment was so special and beautiful as you can see someone of such need, being converted to something of such hope and truth. she knows baptism is a part of the "camino" (the "way"/"path") in life and we have a baptism goal for the 2nd of august. I pray she will have strength as she is just starting chemo and things get harder as it goes.

I am so blessed to be meeting that people i know god has prepared me to meet. i am so blessed to be a part of showing them the light and truth in this life. they are my examples and my heroes.   i am so blessed to be where i am and only hope to progress more and continue in this amazing and literally life changing experience :)
sorry it was fast. i only hope you can feel a part of the tender and special feelings i am grateful and blessed to feel every day :)

con mucho amor,

hermana lauren johnson 

Alma 29:2-9

I have prayed to be an instrument in gods hands almost every day of my life before my mission..i know he is answering my prayers everyday here.

1-i saved this puppy!! we were visiting a family and his head was stuck in a fence in the sun and they had tried to get him out that morning but couldn't. when i got him out he just slept on my lap during the lesson :)

2-this is Familia Olivas. They are less active members, and just wonderful. As we were leaving someone from a political party came by and gave Hermano Olivas a wheelchair! it was cute because he just uses a lawn chair as a walker to get around, but sad at the same time because the people were kinda using them for the campaign. I was just touched to see his excited face :)

3-We said goodbye to President Flores! He and his family really are amazing. i was lucky to get to know them and be advised by him. He changed this mission ALOT from the stories I have heard of before. But It will be fun to meet President Ramos this week!

4-me and hermana martinez

5-me and hermana decker (couldnt get all three of us because no one was around haha)

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