Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ummm olvide.

So i think im living ON the equator. although i have watched many other things in the street melt and fry up, im very surprised i havent! but then again, i have the Lord helping me not to get dehydrated, sun burnt, sun poison, and whatever else. it really is a blessing and a miricle. (forgot how to spell that..). we literally cant look at the sun...its pratically impossible. ive tried. i think id go blind(er) if i did. so this weee was awesome. another good one in the books :) muchos personas y muchos historias. y no mucho tiempo. haha so hows the world cup? its funny because as we walk down the street literally every house has it on. hah one morning there was a big group of men around a little shake (kind of like a handy-man shop) with a little tv all shouting...goal..goal..GOAL!!! it was chistoso.  

i have gotten really good and reading peoples eyes and getting a feel of what they are truly feeling. i know the holy ghost helps me to sense their happiness, saddness, fear, lonliness, love, anger, and pretty much a lot of other stuff. the big one is fear. its sad but ive been able to watch and help people grow stronger in confidence and trust in their selves, the spirit, and the Lord. this messagae of truth literally tranforms lives. including my own.

i am so grateful for everything i am doing and experiencing, the good and bad, the easy and hard.

i know i was meant to meet and help things people. this is the purpose of life and i am blessed to be living and preaching it.

sorry this was short and probabaly random. i was doing a lot of things at once.

love to all, and seriously thank you to EVERYONE for the emails. sorry i dont respond. i do care and appreciate everything :)

con mucho amor.,

hermana lauren johnson
my comp thought this car was funny so we took a pic.

Saw both ends of a rainbow trying to do some laundry this morning. it was grand :) 

my comp swipped a pic of me helping an investigador clean..hah not sure why. oh thats my agenda in my mouth

Took a sneaky pic of a man reading the plan of salvacion folleto we gave him. i thought it was pretty cute haha

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