Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Semana 19.

Oh time flies and there is never enough of it. That is why every moment counts and every moment is precious. Its like that saying "live like youre dying". I never want to have to learn that from experience. I hope to live my life in every moment and never have regrets. Every experience I learn from. And I always have something to be grateful for. 
God lives. Jesus Christ lived and died and lives again, so we can too. I know it. I know it and Im doing my best to live it. 

Find you faith. Find your testimony, and then live it. 

Well thats enough of being "inspirational" and sappy. haha

So you want to know what life in Mexico is like? indescribable. you have to experience. But i will do my best to describe it haha

bikes everywhere. and always with two or more people. it is possible people.
babies having babies (as whitney says). but literally. (for example, a 16 year old wife and 30 year old husband with 2 kids and one on the way..had her first at 12. real life)

the family is very important here, just needs some strengthening.

i really cant generalize the "mexican life" haha 
fiestas, tortillas, coke a cola, venders, taxis, dogs, babies, sun, loud music, drunkards, policia, desert, dirt, beautiful trees, lots of smiles, lots of "mexican mamas", giving, spirituality, love for God, hope, hard workers, food on food on food. 

i have never been good and being able to describe exactly what is in my mind. but just know that i love the people and this place with all my heart. 

i find hope through theirs :) 

sorry for a short email.

strive to bring some good to someone elses life this week :) find your happiness through someone elses!

love you all,
hermana johnson

PS- friends. if you actually read my emails..go to my house sunday night at 5:30 for home cooking and to check up on mama jay and daddy roger for me!!! missionaries just like me will be there to explain a little about what we do and answers and type of questions you have about what ever. it should be a grand old time. so go. for me :) love you all. write me. thanks. 

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