Monday, March 30, 2015

Semana 51

They happened. But I was alreday feeling like they were coming.
I am in Durango!!! I actually thought I would spend all of my mission in Torreon. haha 
here it doesnt feel as hot, because there is actually wind, but its in the mountains so its closer to the sun..and easier to burn. haha no se preocupen mami. tengo sun screen. 
i am not a sister leader, but im senor companion with Hermana Castellanos. 
I learned SO MUCH in my old area and ward. it literally was a blessing to be apart of so much success. i can already tell that i will be bringing everything ived learned to this new people and ward :)
how beautiful. 
I know the Lord prepares me and has more of a work for me to do..and maybe now with a bit more time on my hands haha
i trust in His will and will follow it.
Durango is more humble than torreon and has a bit more green (plants. yay!) and the skys are GORGEOUS. well so ive been told.
definitely was able to finish my time in Roma with lots of success!!! yesterday in church we sang how Great Thou Art in spanish and english..while we were singing i was so suprised that you couldnt hear anything but us. literally. no cell phones, or crying babies..the only ones crying were the adults haha it was a beautiful way to end testimony meeting. there was such a STRONG spirit and SO many members came up to us after to comment and thank us, with tears in their eyes.
Hna. Carreon (mi converso recenté) bore her testimony for the first time!!! it was So special to be able to see and hear her powerful words that literally touched my full heart :) the day before she was able to go to the temple for the fist time. how speacial to hear her growing testimony! 
in third hour we taught everyone on the topic of sharing our testimonies as a more natural way to preach the gospel. it was also powerful and successful haha only becuase we were all guided by the Spirit and literally filled with it as we were fasting. 
then after church we had lots of leccions and lots of powerful lecciones with one of the RM sons of Bishop and the bishops daughter. SO once again we were able to complete the Meta de Excelencia that our mission has for lessons in a week, but this time with 51 lessons :)
i am so greatful for everything i have expereienced and learned and know that where i am now will be different, but the work and the Spirit and the Lord and His ways are always the same. and will ALWAYS bring success.
-some JAS (YSA) from my old ward. they worked so much with us :) one hermana is preparing for the mission and goes out with us to lessons a lot, one goes out with us and gives us lots of references, and one introduced us to her boyfriend and we taught him and now he has a date to be baptized :) awww. mi corazon.
-me and hermana southard! when we were on exchanges, everyone thought we were sisters, literally hahaha she knoes katie stevenson :) i love her.
-lots of hermanas before i left for DURANGO :)))
-my old compañera (sorry dont have a foto with my new one)
-i actually used the watercolors whitney!! haha thanks. it was a 3 hour bus ride..

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