Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 46.

hi family.
i wrote a lot of individual emails this week, so sorry this wont be long.
thanks for the love and support! i really feel it :) and sometimes need it haha
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MOM! 29 AND GOING STRONG. (look for your personal email please).
Welp, this week I really strengthened my personal testimony of fasting.
Fasting is one of Christs examples! I love the story in Luke 4 for many reasons. But one thing that sticks out to me was how He entered the desert (or wherever He was for forty days) already "being full of the Holy Ghost". We fast to be more receptive to the Spirit and to better understand Gods will for us. So why did Christ need to fast? Once again, like the need to be baptized, it was to show us the example; to be obedient to His Father, Our Father, in Heaven. After being tempted by Satan and teaching us that to live the ways of God is better than temporal things, He returned to Galilee "in the power of the Spirit". This week as I fasted I could literally feel the power of the Spirit. There were moments where it filled me, and filled others. I felt better in everything, we had better lessons, found people that we know God has prepared for us, and completed goals that we had. One experience from last night was really special. 
we had the goal to have 50 lesson this week, because both of us have completed 48 in the mission but never made the mission goal of 50. So last night at 8:45pm we were with 49 lecs. we didnt know where to go and what to do because we cant contact at night so we just walked toward home. in the way we came upon a less active who was with her little son and just sobbing. this hermana has lots and lots of hard life problems. I know it was a moment of desperation and a lot of the Advisery. I know that God put her in our path that night to bring the Spirit to her. It was really special to help her find hope and feel Gods love. 
We completed 50 lesson but I know that we complete this goal because God wanted us to :)
welp. love you all! be safe! be happy!
Hermana Johnson 

D&C 61:36-39
(we shared this with her and sang "come come thee saints" it was perfect in Spanish :)

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