Monday, March 30, 2015

¡Semana 48!

hiiiiiiiiiiii. hola. ¿como esta?

Estoy MUY bien. Gracias.

haha yeah, I know that probably sounds funny. 
I hopé i spelled Anniversary right. Equis. (whatever) haha

So in our Council of Leaders, President Ramos showed us the video "Conozca a los Mormones", or better for you guys "Meet the Mormons"(?)
It was so good!!!!!!! I LOVED it. I wanted to watch it again. and visita all of those places and meet all of those lovely people haha Just think of how its their every day lives. Im sure we could make a movie like that with everyone and produce showing amazing and awe inspiring. 
It comes out here in Mexico sometime this month. We are hoping it will come out somewhere near our mission so our investigators and members can go see it!! I invite you all to go see it. Its beautiful, and helps us to see how normal it is to live the gospel of Jesus Christ, how we can live in the world and not be a part of it, and just how possible it is to live our dreams, to find purpose in life, all through accepting the Savior in our lives and living His will for us. This is what the gospel brings us. Happiness! 
The Gospel of Jesus Christ and His chruch, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is the cause of my happiness. This is my happiness. And  Im here doing what Im doing, with the hopes that others can experience a little bit of that happiness. If they feel it, if they accept it, they can reap the blessings of eternal happiness. 
This is also for you. For everyone. 
God loves us so much that He gave us a Plan of Happiness! (also called the Plan of Salvation). 
There is always a reason to rejoice, trust me. Trust God, and find that reason :)
Alma 26:35 

Something that the brother from Napal said (in the movie) really touched me!!!
"I hope to keep overcoming my weknesses. Im not perfect, but Im perfect at one thing..trying."
I kinda have a quick experience from this week that helped me to truly believe that.
So at 8:53AM (7 minutes before Sacrament Meeting) Bishop Field asked me to give a talk..haha yupp. Those mssion stories are real and it definitely happend with me. haha I am so shocked looking back at it all. Normally I would have been SO nervous and broken down emotionally inside of me. Welp, the craziest thing happened. my reaction wasnt to try to talk the Bishop out of it or say that I couldnt do it, but was a clear yes. I immediately felt peace. I was definitely guided by the Spirit in all of it. I had nothing written, literally nothing in my mind but shock, haha and just confidently went on with it all. I basically accepted that for as random and funny of an experience as it was, Obviously my Heavenly Father had a purpose and I was going to find it. I am SO very grateful for the expereince. I literally thanked Bishop and told him the experience was a blessing for me. God gave me the opportunity to prove to myself that time and language are not barriers for me. With Him and the guide of His Holy Spirit, I can accomplish all things. I could give a 15 minute talk that my brothers and sisters could understand and appreciate, and bring His Spirit to them and the meeting. Well it really was a grand moment and Im so grateful for all of these moments my Father is giving to prove things to myself and to develop this divine potential that He sees in me. I know that He sees the same in everyone! so i hope everyone can find these "scary moments" in your lives, and conquer them with confidence, with Him. 
oh. i talked on Hermandad (english?) and used the story in acts 4? about Peter and the Pentacoste. 

your favorite,
Hermana jOhnson

sorry forgot my camera...:(
PS. read the talk by Elder Bednar...I really learned a lot from it and applying it in my life has made ALL of the difference. Literally felt the difference in teaching with power and authority and with the Holy Ghost, more this week :) 

And Nothing Shall Offend Them


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