Monday, March 30, 2015

.WEEK 47.

oh. and the classic "halfway mark" picture that i know you all missed. jiji even though i already have 10 months and, 8 basically 7 left..ahhh! how sad.
ummmmmmmm it was probably one of the weirdest weeks in my mission. and i hope its the only haha
i was sick one day (don't worry mom nothing serious) so had to take a day to rest..broke my streak and goal in the mission of not having "sick days".. :( but that's ok. one will be fine. 
we also took SOO mucho time trying to find a house to live in!!! we have been looking for months, this includes the Sisters before us, and nothing! its because our limit from the mission is very little compared to the prices in our area. we live in one of the wealthiest areas and theres a well known Univeristy here called Technological de Monterey. its one of the best in Mexico. but thankfully the owner of the house gave us another month to keep looking. keep in your prayers that we find one! haha thanks.
So today we had transfers today and ALL of our Hermanas had transfers!! it was fun. So many changes and its beautiful. they closed one of the areas so we are left with  fewer sisters but now i will almost know all of them!! haha what blessing. I love working with my Sisters in Zion :) its definitely some of the biggest work that I do, helping them, supporting them, doing what i can to inspire and uplift. 
We had interviews with President this week and something that he told me is "ser una fuente de inspiraciĆ³n". His hope for me is that I'm a "fountain of inspiration" for the Hermanas. This really hit me, because it doesn't mean I need to be perfect or know everything, but to do everything i can in my power and put forth my best works. The inspiration isn't perfection. Its progression. I can honestly say that im progressing. As a person, as a missionary, and more importantly as a Daughter of God. But all of this, to be able to help others to the same. Its really not about me, its about being who God needs of me to help His children. 
anyone have stories or missionary experiences or favorite scriptures?? id love to hear them :)
love you all! 
thanks for the returned love :)
President Ramos sends "saludos" to the family. (he basically says hi)
Hermana Johnson

This is the activity in the "fayuca"! its a ward and missionary work activity that we do. the ward (relief society) displays things that they do and contacts and shares with the people that pass by and we share messages with them or take down their references. its really something!!! actually the baptism that our compaƱeras had this past Saturday (the other Hermanas in the ward) was someone that a member contacted in this activity and the Hermanas taught him and now hes a member!!! que genial :)))

and this is moms favorite dog...happy birthday! he was the SWEETEST! and as big as me haha :)

"the whole world smiles in the same language."

my letters and packages!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LOVE!!!  i LOVE reading the kind and uplifting words and then sharing the special gifts :) thanks to ALL :))

andddddd if i remeber the last pic isssssss us with Sofie, a recent convert and Socorro, her ADORABLE grandma :) our favorite :)) (i want hair like hers)

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