Monday, March 30, 2015

weeeeeeeeek 52

lots of work.
so good.
no time.
please forgive me.
we honestly worked so hard this week.
lots of progress for the area.
my compañion actually almost passed out in the street...oops. jiji yeah.
i know being diligent is a good thing, but i do need to think more of my companion. 
shes so great :) and fine. dont worry. i think i walk ridiculously faster than most people. ill work on that.
our work from the week ws honestly much greater than the area has had before. We hope to keep that going.
four investigadores in church and all with baptism dates :)
SO many people and families and stories that we have just encountered in this week.
but i will try to share one.
Mary and Kevin. :) we were actually looking for someone else when we found them. Kevin is three and has disabilities. I can just tell from my experience and the immediate connection i felt for him :) I honestly dont think his mom knows. She is SO sweet and a bit timid, so its hard for her when he has his sudden mood changes and his short attention span. She doesnt know how to control him, but whenever we are there im able to help her see how to help him. When we met them i honestly felt like i have seen them before. And I honeslty believe it. Even if it doesnt mean that it was here on the earth. We talked about how she can change her life and strengthen her family, and we talked about baptism. She has a date set as a goal and we plan to keep visiting her and helping her. 
We passed but for her and kevin with some members, on our way to church. They were all ready and so cute :) In the car, she shared with us that her grandpa was a memeber of the church, where she used to live (she only has a month living here). where they lived, it was a branch and very small. i really cant believe that because here its small too, haha our ward really should be a branch. hah anyway. she shared with us that he had alzhiemers disease and couldnt remeber his wife or his children, but remebered the church and the missionaries. this had  such a big impact on her. and the day that we found her with her son in their new house, had an even bigger one. (her husband works out of the area, nearer to the city, for a time and then visits for a week.)
at church all went well. you could tell she was worried that kevin was behaving good in his classes but he really was. we had sacrament meeting last, and all of the children were definietley antsy. kevin, with his curious mind and own will, was walking around figuring out where he was and what everything was all about. haha his poor mom was so worried and anxious and didnt know how to control him. the woman behind us told her to not worry and let him be :) well he followed un hermano during the sacrament to take a piece of bread and then the water haha he returned to show his mom all happy :) 
ANOTHER suprised happened, and all of us four missionaries have talks on the spot. when i was giving my talk he was up there with me, but getting into things. haha one teengerage went up to take him back to his mom and kevin started bawling. another member went to help her and take him out of the salon and help him calm down. but seconds after that she also left, and went out crying. in that moment, my heart broke. literally. i was giving my talking, and literally talking by the spirit (because i had nothing haha) and saying that that actually refered to the situation and how Christ taught us to be innocent and humble as children, and how we can help one another. but in this moment, i just felt so much empathy for Mary. and Kevin. i literally watched her leave and paused to hold back the tears. 
i finished the talk and couldnt help but feeling emotional. 
we passed by later in the day with a memeber to see them and hope everything was ok! i literally was afraid she wouldnt feel comfortable to return. 
we taught about how the gospel blesses families and i can just see in her eyes how the spirit touches her needy heart. I know and she knows that we were meant to find eachother and that this is the will of God for her and her special son :)
its really isnt coinsidence that the ward has lots of children with disabilities and i know they will be able to help her and her son and see how the gospel is for everyone!
God doesnt have coinsidences. Everything has a purpose. How great His plan is. 
We cant lose faith in the things that we cant see. God has a plan for us. Our faith is that even though we cant see them, He does.
I LOVE YOU ALL AND I LOVE MY MISSION. Durango is great. lots of struggle but LOTS of hope. I hope im worthy and ready to help them :)
pray that we can work miracles and pray for the ward too. 

Hermana Johnson 

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡HAPPY BAPTISM ANNIVERSARY MAMITA!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you for being my modern day pioneer :) thanks for everything. i LOVE you. 
#waytogodad #bestbaptismbyfar
Picture Captions:
Kevin!!! saying goodbye..watching us leave..asking us to come back because he wanted to heart broke haha
washing dishes. Sister Netane y mi compañera Sister Castellanos
it was raining...for 2 minutes.

i DID SOMETHING.....................

jajajajaja i was so nervous going back and forth on if i should cut it or not and the hermano just said "don't think!" and cut it..jajajaja how great.that's why its in my lap. haha

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