Monday, March 30, 2015

week 50?

maybe just a week of photos. 
lots of stuff happened and im busy doing lots of stuff in this moment haha sorry.

um fast things..
watch "mens hearts shall fail them"-elder nelson, mormon message.
lots of people say "hola" to mi familia :)
does anyone in the DC area know a Sis. Davis?
read "Gods Harvest" by pdt. uchtdorf
mom..i need a packet of tights. i runied all of mine by keeping them in a bucket with detergent for a week...we had a lot of exchanges!!!! forgive me!!! haha oops. welp its hot again so maybe i wont need so many ;)
i feel like these past two weeks a lot of that stuff that has happened involes being a sister training leader and all of my sisters. haha sorry i wont really be sharing anything. 
il try harder next week!
enjoy the pics.
love you all!

Picture captions:
the activity in the market
valentines day with my comp
my trainer and i as leaders!!
a puppy :))


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