Monday, March 30, 2015


this week was pretty casual. 
work. work. and more work.
We did have a Conference and our Council of Leaders with a Setenta de Area, Pres. de Hoyos. He is such an inspirational speaker!  Such great council and you could feel the Spirit so strong. It was so cute seeing him with his wife and Pdt. Ramos and Hna. Ramos all together and beautifully firm in their lives, marriages, and the gospel :) Working hard and all. I hope to have that as my future! 
I know my mission wont stop in Torreon. I'm learning for life.
Well, a lot of personal revelation but ill just give a summary. 
He talked a lot about strengthening recent converts, and i agree that this is the main challenge here. Active, strong members. He gave us a lot of things to do and guidance. 
As a mission we are memorizing Moroni 7:33 (North Americans en Spanish and Latin Americans en English haha). We are focusing on strengthening the faith in the Mission and with the missionaries :) Hna. de Hoyos shared a beautiful story about the mission where her son was in Europe. Its a mission with very few baptisms, about 20 a year where as here in Mexico we have 30,000 a year. The mission President in this mission told his missionaries "Every time you knock one door, they baptize one person in Mexico." haha i thought that was funny. and more true for the southern part of Mexico hahaha
this president used this scripture to animate his missionaries in every interview he had and every opportunity. he was able to strenthen the vision of his missionaries that the impossible IS in reality possible. And they really did it. Now they have around the same number of baptisms as we do. 
I know that this is the work of the Lord. And if it is His will, He will provide the way. The blessings are consequences of using correctly the tools that He gives us. 
Hna. de Hoyos also bore her testimony SO powerfully, about our generation of missionaries. She said that they have 19 years working with missionaries and can sincerely and humbly say that our generation is a new generation. We are the missionaries of "Preach My Gospel", the prophecy of Gordon B. Hinckley. We have EVERYTHING to achieve...but we need to believe. Pdt. de Hoyos also said that if he could return to a mission or to work with, he would chose this one. Pdt. Ramos got all teary eyed :) it was cute.
I know that this mission is pretty special. in all the aspects. its literally a privilege to be working here.
The gospel is for us to recognize who we are, and to achieve what we can become.
I know this to be true. 
I hope everyone is working hard, and working right.
I love you all!!

Hermana Johnson


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