Monday, January 12, 2015

¡Semana 35!

Thanks dad for the letters!!
This week was SO busy. so much happened.

So Apparently it gets cold in Torreon. It NEVER rains, and of course since Ive been here its rained more than the normal in Virginia (that I can remember).
So this week it rained for four days straight...yes that means more flooded streets. up to our knees at times! But it was different this time, because it was COLD. no sun. So we got creative with plastic over our shoes since we don't have boots or anything. haha wasn't very beautiful but better than the first day when we didn't use anything and were wet and cold. not smart. woke up with weird body temperature changes, but that could also be because i got the flu shot :) (poor niña after me...crying and screaming "¡NO QUIERO! ¡QUIERO MI PAPI!" sad.) my compañera almost did the same.. haha shes sensitive. emotionally, espiritually, and physically..she reminds me a lot of Colleen. i love her.
This area is funny because it seems slower since our contacts and lessons are fewer, because there isn't a lot of people and the people are more of a "closed off" bunch; but at the same time i feel like we've accomplished more stuff, with the baptisms of Familia Carreon, and finding a lot of prepared people, our responsibilities as leaders, and our Actividad Misional.
Saturday we had the baptisms of Hermana Sandra Hno Gilberto (the parents of Hno Gilito) AND right after our Mission Activity (?). 
The baptisms we so beautiful and Spiritual :) Hno Gilito sang with us and bore his testimony to His parents. It was SO inspirational and spiritually. Their conversion has been so strong, and so fast, and so prepared :) i LOVE looking back at the moment we met them and their differences and just how prepared they were; and just how divinely planned all of this was. I literally thank God every day for having them in my life and being apart of this grand life-changing experience :)
When they had their interviews, before their baptisms, our Zone Leader said he has never heard anyone say the things that Hno. Gilberto (the papa) said. not even a convert of 15 years. Everyone who meets them knows that they are a family of GOLD and POWER; and since the very moment I contacted him (and met them all) I saw the potential, and felt the power of the Spirit. I know that God needs them in His earthly kingdom and i cannot wait to watch their progression and see what great things He has planned for them :))
So every other day of the week we had at least one really powerful and spiritual lesson. One morning it was really rainy and cold and we felt a bit off, but as we left the house and passed the apartment building next to ours I remembered a contact we had made a few weeks past. We decided to stop by and a joven, Oscar, (18 years) opened the door. we were looking for his grandma but she left for DF (mexico city). we presented ourselves to him and his sister was home so we were able to share a message with him.
the lesson was filled with the Spirit!! Oscar has an eternal perspective! He doesn't practice a religion in specific but knows of the importance of following Gods will and centering His life in Him. we found out that the Elders had taught Him by himself when he was just 10 yrs old!!  we couldn't believe it. He is another prepared, elicit child of God. He happened to be home that day because he stopped working. want to start school again. we asked where he worked and he said Subway...I have eaten their once with my other companion and in the moment he said remembered his face!!! it was so crazy and amazing how the little experiences and timing and connection of everything is of God. I just know it. 
Very quickly, we had another beautiful lesson with the husband of one of the members. the wife and two daughters are baptized and active and the husband had been investigating for years. This man is a leader. He is so intuitive and powerful and digests EVERYTHING. He is the epitome of our bishop here and i think its funny because he (the investigator Gerardo) jokes around, but very seriously, saying he wants to be a bishop, so he can go knocking on doors and asking people why they aren't going to church or doing the things they should be doing. hahaha 
He is a teacher in a college and his schedule is 8-10 every day. so we can only meet with him Sundays! but he wants to be baptized on his birthday because he KNOWS its the true church. he is very taken with the organization and has some doubts about other things but wants us to help with them, because he has prayed and knows its true. he knows his life purpose is to be happy with his family and just do the things that God wants of Him, and I explained how that's prefect because that is exactly why God has a Plan of Happiness for us :)
I explained how he is exactly like the prophet Nephi. Knows what is expected of him, what he needs to do, and does it. We shared 1nefi 3:7-8, and as he read it he got choked up and started to cry. he apologized and said he has been through a lot in his life. 
in march some guys gun pointed them in their house and took everything. a horrific story but a strong family and amazing example.
like the scripture says, God will always prepare a way for us to do the things that He commands. We can always find strength and solace in His will. There is a Will, and there is a Way. 

 love you all.
hermana johnson
trabajamos para vivir en los cielos :)
no pasamos la regula (meta), no hay misericordia. 
¨¨quote of the week.

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