Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 33.

yeah no time.
These last two weeks went by SO fast. The week before we had exchanges with the Hermanas ever day.. hah so I was in a different area with a different companion each day, and in the mean while preparing for the baptism of Hno. Gilito. But as we know it all ended well. The truth is with our baptism and with Hna. Sandra y Hno. Gilberto (the parents) preparing for their baptisms 8 Nov., the ward and the members are VERY animated and excited! The numbers of people in church each week has shot up (about 113 each Sunday) and everyone is so happy to see the Sacramental full :) (Sacramental? I honestly forgot what we call it..sorry). 
From husbands of female members, friends of Hno. Gilito, and other people we have met, we have a lot of male investigators. To be honest, I've never felt reallll comfortable contacting males (because I'm used to the more humble areas with more problems), but God has been putting His sons in our path to build a Priesthood army. I know that this area and this people need more of the power of God, and more of His strong, noble, valiant children to build up His kingdom in a struggling part of the Earth. 

I'm starting over with the Book of Mormon and remembering just how powerful 1 Nephi is. Its beautiful to read scripture, as God is talking to you; because its His word and His purpose is for us to have this guide in our lives, as we are away from Him. The Book of Mormon is without a doubt the word of God. As He said in the Bible, His word has 2 or 3 witnesses. It is a third witness of Him, His son Jesus Christ, and their work and Plan of Happiness for us. Like the Old and New Testament, it is another Testament of Jesus Christ!

I love you all and will write more next week.
be safe. be good.
Hermana Johnson

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