Monday, January 12, 2015


hahahahahahahahaha i dont know why i even tried to hashtag.
but really. time is so short. doesnt wait and doesnt come back. 
so lets make the best of it, shall we?

BUENO. don't know what to say.
we had another activity in the market here and went really well!!! this time we did it with our whole district (more missionaries) and it went over really well. it wont let me load pictures so sorry you be seeing any this week :(
there was another Christmas activity yesterday night in the Plaza Mayor in central torreon and we were able to go and went with an investigator and his family (his wife and daughters are members. hes going to be baptized 15 January :) there was a choir of 3 stakes and it was so beautiful!! what was really beautiful was to see so many missionaries contacting and conversing with their investigators and to see many people that i know from old areas. it was like seeing my mission experience in 360 view. and to be with so many missionaries and really feel the spirit of the work and realize how we are all just a big team. the Lords team :)
one quick experience last night in the activity was when a man came up to us all excited and emotional and just thanked us. he said that he never thought he would get the opportunity to thank us but that we had contacted him one day in the street and because of us the missionaries were sent to his house! he was so thankful and filled with the spirit it was so beautiful to see and a grand blessing! really every part of the work is important and i am so blessed to see the fruits of all aspects of my labor :)
i love you all and hope the Christmas spirit is being felt!!!

con todo mi corazon.
Hermana Johnson 
:) besos.

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