Monday, January 12, 2015


So its starting to feel like Christmas!!!
The cold. Yes, Mexico gets cold. Or at least in the desert of Torreon. 
People are already putting up lights and we are planning some Christmas activities. 
Wow. Does time fly. And i don't want to waste any of it!!
Ahhhhhh. So much to do.
Ok. Sorry. 
I have five minutes.
I love you all.
Mexico has a lot of Fayucas (Falluca?). They are basically farmers markets or flea markets with EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. So we put up a table this Thursday ( me, my comp, and the two other Hermanas in our ward) with signs of different life and introspection questions people have, and the Plan of Salvation and music and a box that says "gratis" (free) with pamphlets and cards and Books of Mormon and candy and had a lot of people pass by! A lot of contacts and references and short messages. It was a fun new way to work and this coming Thursday we are going to do it  with members and leaders from the ward! With a lot more stuff!! signs bigger and better, a big TV to show Family Search a cake from the Relief Society and lots a great stuff :) Ill let you know how it goes.
So I'm always (well not always) having exchanges with the different Hermanas and its such a privilege. I have SO MUCH to learn and grow that I can only think I have the assignment and responsibility that I have to do exactly that. Learn and Grow. Better and faster, because I learn every day and at every experience i have with my Sisters :)
Really, in comparison to other zones and areas in the Mission, these Sisters are something else. Poderosos. Powerful. 
And then its a privilege to have the opportunities where I'm guided by the Spirit in my words and am actually able to help and inspire them! 
For some, the mission is a change and a process much deeper, personal, and challenging. But for all, its a change and a process bigger than ourselves. We are literally Representatives of Jesus Christ. We have been endowed with His power. With power from God, to do the work of the Savior. What a privilege. and what a blessing.
I don't know if the Liahona is a magazine completely different from the Ensign, but we get the Liahona in Spanish and English and its always so inspired!! :)
I want you all to look up and read the article "Act Upon This Land as for Years" from the August 2014 edition. Some quote from it....
"Everything Heavenly Father does is ultimately for our benefit, even if we cannot understand why. And since Gods thoughts and ways are higher than ours, we need to elevate our lives to be more in harmony with His plan for us." 2 nephi 26.24
"We may not be satisfied with our circumstances and thus spend time wondering when things will change. Or we may experience an unanticipated change to our pleasant routine. How we choose to respond to these experiences determines, in a large part, our happiness. and if we spend our lives wondering while we wander, we may miss our on wonderful opportunities for spiritual growth."
"We sometimes get into trouble when we insist on doing things according to our own timetable, rather than trusting in the Lords."
READ IT. there are much more better and inspired parts.

Some other quote for you all (translated into English, so hope it makes sense)...
"If what you are doing doesn't have eternal consequences, Why are are doing it?"-Gordon B. Hinckley
D&C 18:10 look it up. (don't have it in English haha sorry).

I LOVE YOU ALL: en verdad. thank you for the love, support, example, respect, everything.
My mission is not only here in Mexico. Its my life. Its with you all and with my future. Its in the heart. Its a change for life and eternity.
I hope your hearts and touched and grown and you read or listen to my experiences and sometimes rambles.

I am so appreciative for everything in the Mission. everything in my life. the good the bad the hard the easy. i will never be regretful but rather always grateful. for what i have, what i experience, and what God has in store for you.
I hope you are all able to have the same assurance and hope that we all can obtain as His children and as witnesses of Christ.
Find Him. Follow Him. 
I know this is His church. I know this is His gospel.
Its a blessing and an honor to be a part of it.

Hermana Johnson
PS-sorry i know the spelling was fast and bad and spanglish. forgive me!!!!! im an awkward missionary.
PPS- but really. be ready for the worst of worst RMs. I'm going to be so awkward...oh well. hah
PPPS-sorry no pictures! especially for the people that just look for those. My memories and full and wont copy or past to my USB. and the computers don't always work with my adapter thing. my sooo ill figure it out.

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