Monday, January 12, 2015

week 37.

It was a busy week with exchanges, but I loved it :)
So we have a new investigator that is the son of a less active member, who is now coming to church :) This family has many many problems and the son was pretty much the cause of them all. in fact, the missionaries weren't allowed to visit the house for a while. But God has His timing and protects His missionaries. When we went to visit His mom and the children of his sister, he was there and for the first time sat with us and listened and even gave the opening pray and just cried. it was the first time in his life that He really felt the was so special and the little apartment was filled with the Holy Ghost.
We have been visiting with Him a lot. I really am privileged to know Him and see Him for who he really is, the person that God sees in him. to see his potential and help him develop it is a blessing and the purpose of this work. I love the scripture in 1 samuel 16:7. God see us for what we can become. we need to see this in ourselves. I know that to have any kind of growth and progression in this life, we need faith. we need hope. its not for us to judge. only ourselves. God doesn't judge for the past, if we aren't living in it. Ezekiel (?) 36:26-27, He will help us change. He will help us move forward. This is true conversion. 
To be honest yesterday morning when we went to pass by his house for him and his mom, the police were outside with his sister and the mom said to them that the missionaries were going to pass by for them for church, but that wasn't really anything promising for the police. she said when we showed up they were shocked and had faces like they couldn't believe it was true. well. its a perfect example of how its not for us to judge. and everything is possible with God and according to His will. 
despite it all, hno anotonio said, "I just smile about life." and in the class of gospel principals he shared that in his life he now feels a purpose and feels the will of God for him. 
how beautiful.
i am so lucky to have such strong examples around me. 
to be honest, i LOVE our gospel principles class. its about 11 people and 8 are people that we work with (3 recent converts, 3 with a bap. date, and 2 less actives). they ALL have questions and they ALL have answers and when they share their comments and bare their testimonies, my heart is just filled with love and gratitude and i just watch the fruits of our labor :)
like something that one of the hermanas said to me..i know that im not only here to see miracles, but i'm here to make miracles.:)
i love the Lord. I love the people of Mexico.
I know that God lives. I know that I am His daughter. I know that we are all His children and we can all return to Him and live with Him, if we accept Him. Like His son and my Savior Jesus Christ, if we accept Him with all our life :)
BE SAFE PLEASE and pray for the people of Mexico :)
-Hermana Johnson

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