Monday, January 12, 2015

¡¡semana 44!!

Wow. Thank you dad for writing me!!

I LOVE seeing the connections and miracles of ALL aspects of the work and  of all the things that happen in the mission. I KNOW that God has His hand and Divine Direction in it ALL. 
This is the Lords church. This is HIS work. And I know that He is directing it.
Dad commented about a blessing that The Bishop here had given me when I first arrived in this area. In the blessing he mentioned of finding worthy Priesthood Holders and strengthening the Priesthood in the ward. I can say without a doubt that this was revelation from God. I know that the Bishop is a worthy, dedicated Priesthood Holder that seeks to exercise this power and the keys he holds (solo with the purpose of blessing and helping "his flock", the ward), and because of this we have seen divine revelation come to pass. Since this time, we found and taught and baptized the Familia Carreon, with Hno. Gilberto the papa and son, who are both about to receive the Melchezidek (? sorry) Priesthood. We also found and taught Hno. Antonio, the son of a less active member (who is now reactivated). It was the first time that he accepted to hear from the missionaries and to everyone who knew him before, this change he has made in his life is a miracle..something that I know to only be possible through the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. Our Savior of whatever problem, addiction, temptation, affliction, weakness, of literally every strong hold that the Adversary has on us. I know this to be true. Hno. Antonio was baptized on Saturday and received his confirmation and the Aronic Priesthood Sunday. Hno. Gerardo basically found us. He was an investigator of a lot of time (he said we were about the 8th pair of missionaries that visited him). His wife and two daughters are members of about 2 years. He too (like all of these Hermanos) have experienced enough in their lives to need a Saviour and to value the blessing of having one. And to have the sincere faith and desires to do everything possible to come to know Him, accept Him, follow Him, and become like Him. Hno. Gerardo was also baptized, confirmed, and received the Aronic Priesthood.
I know that God is building His priesthood army. It is one of the biggest blessings in my life to help find His chosen soldiers, help them remember their merits (?its a word), their grand potential as His sons, and to exercise it. To fight this great fight of life on the Lords team, on the winning team. To see such strong fighters, now fighting for whats right...its a miracle.
    Thank you to all of the worthy Priesthood holders in my life! ALL of you :) I know that the world tries to change the perspective of equality. I know that to be equal doesn't mean things need to be the same. With this, i know that men and women are equal in the sight of God. He loves ALL of His children. He created gender with a purpose. With different responsibilities, the importance is the same. When we question this, we are questioning the knowledge and plan of God. I may not hold the priesthood, but I sure do receive its blessings. The blessings are for ALL. 
  To see a recent convert of 7 months as our Mission Leader, directing the baptismal program, is a blessing. To see a recent convert also of 7 months welcoming the Hermanos into the ward, as their Quorum President, is a blessing. To see a recent convert of 3 months giving a talk of Faith and sharing his testimony of how this is the best decision they could be making, is a blessing. To see the happiness and excitement of a Bishop who is strengthening His word with more Priesthood power,  is a blessing.
I know that God lives, and I know that His power and authority is on the earth today.
I know that it is the key to the door to eternal life and happiness. 
The key is His power. The door is the example of His son. I cant imagine eternal life or happiness, but I know its worth everything.

D&C 64:25. 
Work hard.
Every day.

Hermana Johnson :)
he first is Obispo Field with us and Hno. Anotonio

the next with Hno. gerardo y Hno Antonio and the hermanos that baptized them.

the last two are them with their moms :))) awwwwww my heart.

the last two are them with their moms :))) awwwwww my heart.

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