Monday, January 12, 2015


yea yea yea yea yea. don't know what to write. ah.
i lost my agenda so i cant remember any good stories and i dont have many awesome quotes. sad. lo siento. pero esta bien.
yeah i'm basically Mexicana so you'll have to get used to it ;) (the spanglish)
i have an email that says i have a paquete in the officinas. not sure when ill have time to get it, or just wait for the Christmas activity with Pdte. haha but its here!!! gracias mami.
So si. My companion is Hermana Martinez. Another. And better. haha no they are all great, but really.
I was actually shocked to hear the transferes, because shes has 15 months in the mission, with only three left, and now i'm her "senior companion" as Hermana Leaders. yeah its weird. but its so wonderful. I actually have a feeling that we will have another transfer this next week because its just too good to be true. haha (to explain- we have transfers every 4 and 6 weeks)
She is literally my example and i'm gaining so much confidence from her to do things right and comfortable how i've always wanted to and felt :)
she is such a blessing. we will see how it goes.
she was actually in my first area and ward haha so we know each other a little bit..but the old lauren that knew less (Gringa Lauren. oops. Hermana Johnson. weird. i used my name.)
Big hopes and happiness for this coming week and especially with the Spirit of the Navidad. Its so beautifulllllll :) Its such a blessing to preach the gospel when all others are more prone to the Spirit and their minds are focused on things that should always be the center of our lives, and things that we preach and live every single day. oh what joy :)
The Christmas Devotional last night was so Spiritual :) I love to watch the transmissions here in Spanish with the people and have an experience so different and so special. 
Its actually starting to get weird to talk in english and to hear people talk in english is even weirder. I hope your'e all excited for Skype on Christmas :) haha. be kind.
I love you all. With all my heart, might, mind, and strength :)
I know that God lives. 
I am a living testimony of a living Savior, Jesus Christ.
He was born, He died, and He resurrected and lives.
I know that the hope we have and love we feel from remembering His birth, is something to be felt all year round. and something that can be felt all year round. He is not a halftime God, but full time. 
If we live His doctrine and His teachings halfheartedly, we are going to receive the blessings halfheartedly. 
DyC 19:16-17
The price was paid. We don't HAVE to pay it. But sadly some people do. 
Its your choice. Live your faith. Discover Him. Accept Him. 
I don't know how it is in english but the church has a beautiful video online of Christ and his birth and the Navidad. look for it!! [El es la Dadiva). 
Juan 3:16
Christ was the first gift of Christmas, and the most important in existence. Its a gift that doesn't have a price tag or an expiration date. 
i hope you all discover it and unwrap it and share it this Christmas (and for always) :)
I know that this is His church. This is His doctrine. This isn't just life, but life eternal. 
I know that in this time of the year all people have a special light and feeling of love, because all are in remembrance of the purpose and center of life. Christ. Our Savior. 
I thank God daily for the light of His son in my life. 
And then I try to shine it :)
KEEP SHINING FAMILY :))))))) haha love you all

con amor, 
hermana johnson

PS hope this wasn't weird or random. i don't really know what i said hahaha oh well. love you. 

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