Monday, January 12, 2015

Semana forty one!!

ummmm it wont be a white christmas thatas for sure. 
haha it actually isnt cold anymore, but the 20th was the first day of winter and apparently it gets cold in january.
basically the houses are cold because all are built for the heat. when we are out in the streets, its perfect because the air is a bit breezy and the sun is what keeps it warm. 
i think im coming home with a red head. the scalp part. hope i dont get skin cancer. yikes.
i feel the Christmas love and Spirit. 
But really, the best presents or news i could get are stories of everyone doing something really amazing in this time of year :) Do something to spread the love of Christ, serve others, spread joy, and to invite others to come unto Christ..and then share them with me :)
ok thanks!
love you all!
ill be waiting to hear them all :))
We wont be having a Christmas baptism (Antonio couldnt attend church), but there are a lot of people with dates and metas to be prapared and take upon them the name of Christ in January! 
It is the biggest gift that I could ever recieve and will recieve in my life, to see and be apart of helping Gods children make really grand and really hard changes in their lives! Changes to come unto Him, accept their Savior Jesus Christ, and prepare for eternal life :)

A hermana that we visit who is a member and has cancer, shared with us a really special scripture and quote this week. i want to share it :)
oops. its in english. you can try to google translate it or barrett can send the translation for all :))) gracias!...
"Todo joven ha sido preordinado para la misión. El llamamiento solo es la confirmación. Jóvenes valientes que han estado guardados para este momento; la ultima dispensación para ganar la batalla. Al llegar a la misma deben estar listos a correr y dispuestos a trabajar."  
Abraham 3:23 (in the Pearl of Great Price)
I know that this is true for all of us. We were saved for this time; a time more close to the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ. He lives and He will reign His earth and His kingdom once more, forever more. 
Remember Him this Christmas.
If you are frocused in yourself and what you want and what you will get (of the things materiales), I dont think youve found Him or the true meaning of Christmas. I invite you all to really live the meaning of Christmas, to really live the meaning of life, and think "outside of yourself" this Christmas. Think as He, and think of others.

SEE YOU SOON. literally.

hermana johnson

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