Thursday, June 4, 2015

week 56!!

Conference was beautiful, as always.
And one of the Hermanas said its the last Conference for the whole world because President Monson didn't say "goodbye" or "until the next conf."..her words.."wow, the second coming REALLY is close." hahaha true. but how wonderful.
But really, so inspirational and uplifting. I wish they were week long..but hey! for that we have the Liahona, and Ensign, and internet to watch and read them again :) and to really LIVE them :) the revelations and will of our Father, that it :)
SO MANY THINGS. well ill just repeat what I loved..or try to. (if they are not exactly right, they are my translations of what I was supposed to hear and understand ;)
-In the church we are invited (in so many ways) to help HIM, the Lord; as HE helps His children.
-With a love and gratefulness for temples, I repeat Elder Packers words, "To our dwindling mortal days, I'm grateful for every moment...and that there will be NO END." (How great that he spoke at yet again another conference!!! Every time he looks more and more Holy :)
-as the continued to say.."the Atonement can put you FREE AGAIN, to walk the path that you are at in life."
-"Tu me elevas y yo te elevare a ti, así ascendemos juntas." LOVED THIS. sorry its in Spanish.
-DAD. BARRETT. "your most important calling for all time and eternity..a calling that you will never be released from."---thanks for being righteous men ;) I actually cried during this talk thinking about the men in my life..well you two. and grandfathers and uncles :) Thank you. LOVE you. respect you.
-His teachings point the way, and His Atonement makes it all possible. (USE IT. Come unto Him ..and you WILL find peace :) --the talk from elder Dallin H oaks
-there is limitless potential for happiness as a blessing to those that CHOOSE to live the gospel of Jesus Christ.(LIVE IT. really and truly) -L. Whitney Clayton's talk
-"it has never been harder to raise responsible children." THANKS MOM AND DAD. i think you made the hard easy.
-"As we fear God more completely, we love Him more perfectly, and "perfect love casteth out all fear"."-elder bednar
-"(like Shiblom) All I wanted in life was to please my Fathers. Heavenly and Earthly." Amen. Same here.-Quentin L. Cook.
-as President Monson put it perfectly.."The temple brings a peace that transcends any other feeling of the heart." I CANT WAIT TO RETURN TO THE TEMPLE. what a blessing. what a feeling :)
-Through HIM we are given VICTORY form every fall. "He will grasp us and hold us from our fall..through our OBEDIENCE He will lift us to eternal life." :)) elder holland
-"For us, His aim is much higher..His aim is not backwards, its upwards." -Pdt. Uchtdorf
-"As we walk the path of discipleship, it refines us and leads us back to His presence."-Pdt. uchtdorf
-"Not having an eternal perspective leads us to having a wordly perspective as our standard."-Rafael E. Pino
-"WE ARE NOT CASUAL IN OUR FAITH."-elder andersen. We live it. and living is a daily things, minute for minute, second for second. :)
-"we need to develop our divine nature in order to develop our divine destiny."-joseph w. sitati

the little video clips in between favorites: the hope of gods lights and the refiners fire
watch them

romans 5:8
i know that we are loved more than we will EVER know, by someone who died to know us. he rose again and HE LIVES. He directs His church and His children. Come unto Him, Come unto Christ. Change your life. Life is a process. It requires change. We are here to become like Him. That wont happen here, so we better take advantage of every moment and every opportunity, as the privilege that it is. 

Lots of people and lots of stories. 
I guess ill share some next time. 
love you :)

Hermana Johnson

PS-last night fast walking home we said "buenas noches" "good night" to a sister walking by, she said "buenas noches muchachas! los van robar, eh!".. "good night ladies! someones gonna rob you, eh!"
hahahahajajajajhahaha. no one touches representatives of jesus christ. im a living testimony of that. 

making gorditas with sister carmen!! shes less active and we are teaching her powerful and prepared husband. she went to conference with her two grandchildren!! :)

thanks colleen!!!!! ill probably get the other mail next week when pdt. comes down for interviews..dont worry mom :) thanks!
my companion is cute :)

my cute comp and i
the american sisters as we watched conf in spanish
the group of sisters from our zone :)
and i am always loving the puppies :))

PS: 3 investigators, 3 less actives, and 1 recent convert from our area attended conference :) what happiness :)

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