Monday, June 29, 2015

57 WEEKS. wow. I think Im feeling it.

How many times can I tell you guys "lots of stories, lots of people".
In this area that I'm in, I really have found people with life situations very hard, very interesting, and at times impossible to even think that they are possible. 
I'm really feeling for every person and every pain, and my companion has started to do the same. 
But it should only make us work harder.
Yesterday we were walking in the street looking for some references and contacts that we had and passed by a house of a member in the ward (a member of the church). Shes in her twenties and the only member in her family. We passed by and her dad came out. We presented ourselves with him and was telling us how the other missioanries must not have told us about him and how "he doesnt have faith" and is basically "a lost cause". He was really a strong talker with a hard personality and I even thought for a moment how most people might say "ok lost cause" "yeah, he doesnt want anything"..but something kept moving us to keep talking, and keep testifing, until the point that he paused and listened to our words and cried. I knew (and told him) that he was listening to us because really he hadn't lost all of his faith, and he is just trying to remember how to live it. He asked us how is it that we (the missionaries) always find him in the hardest of times. We explained how its the Lord and His will, and He guides us to His children that need Him. I know it was the Lord and the Spirit that softened his heart and helped him find hope. 
We left and planned to come back later because his daughter wasn't home and we couldn't teach him alone. 
as we were walking away my companion told me that she doesn't know if she can do this..referring to how hard it is to see people in their situations and literally crying and then us crying for them, and with them.
i explained how i imagine Christ feeling the same. but that's why he did his work..he had power (the priesthood). he used his power to help them, to heal them , and to save them. we, as his disciples, need to develop this power. to be a strength for the people.
Like it says in Mosiah 18, D and C 42, Nephi with his people, and Christ with Martha and Mary. truly as his disciples, we will cry with the people, literally. but we will do everything we can to wipe those tears away. (figuratively speaking) haha
We passed by later when his daughter was home and we could visit them. With the guide of the spirit we managed to bring the Bishop one of his counselors and his wife with us. (yay! help from the members!)
The power of the Fast is real. And we saw that from the Guide of God, leading us to His son in need, the help of His children to show support and love to their brother, and some of His "lost sheep" that came to church and continue to prepare for baptisms :)
hope you understood the story and feel the spirit of it..
really its missing LOTS of details but there's really lots of stuff that i never share..haha
love you :)
hermana johnson
Photos from zone conference


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