Monday, June 29, 2015

Semana 61...almost done?!

¡¡¡¡AHHHH!!!! no. I still have time.
haha but after our Skype sesh i really am feeling the reality of coming in on three months left :( awwwhhhaha. ok. ya.
SO many family and people that still need to be helped and lead to Eternal Glory :)
Lots of people were out of town in los Ranchos (basically farms) for the weekend seeing their families and mothers for the special day :) so i expect more progressing stories from them all in the following week!
We contacted and met a girl on the street and even taught her right in the moment. Janet. SO cute :) I hope she keeps investigating the church and that the missionaries in her area find her. How lovely it is that the Lord allowed us to have that moment so she could come to know of the gospel. She told us that she stopped going to her Catholic church and doesnt practice it for some personal reasons. We discussed the importance of organized religion, shared scriptures and even prayed. All in the street (let me tell you, definitely not my first time). But how many college aged kids do that?? Just get randomly stopped in the street and start talking about Christ and the importance of life and then show their faith by calling upon God in the moment? I vow to be more like her when I get back :) She thanked God in her prayer for finding us and that we helped her to find the right path again :) 
We have Metas de Excelencia (Excelence Goals) as a mission and this month me and my companion are focusing on have 3 people with baptismal dates at the end of each week. What happens is we invite by the Spirit and almost in every first lesson, and have about 10 people by Saturday, but then Sunday comes and they have to attend church to keep working towards the same goal and date that we not everyone comes and then we are left with very few. This week Maria Concepcion came to church with her 2 grandchildren and is still working toward getting baptized June 13th. So we faulted (its a word?) 2 more people with dates and goals. Well of course the Lord led us to these preapred people. 
In that day we ending up finding a big family of less active members and investigadores. The father and some of the children are not baptized, and the rest have stopped coming to church. We taught them and the Spirit was so strong guiding the lesson :) The mom (Josefina) said that she would change her day off from Saturday to Sunday in order to go to church and the father  (Leobrardo) accepted to be baptized June 20th!
Another lesson we had was with Karolina. Single mom, pregnant, with two adorable children and still working 10 hr days with 4 months left in her pregnancy. We taught her about prophets and how the Lord is the same "yesterday, today, and for always" and how thats the same with His church, the oraganization, and the people He calls to lead us. We tuaght her how we having a living prophet today, President Monson, and how he sent us here to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to her. We invited her to baptism and her reaction was so cute :) She responded with such faith saying that if she prays and knows its the will of God she will do it. 
She was so shocked and amazed at things that she was just starting to learn and said that she will definitely pray to know if Pdt. Monson is a profet and if she should be baptized the 20th of June :)
I know that God lives and that He works miracles. We need to have faith and we need to live it. It doesnt have a "shelf life", in that way its not vaild. If we want to see Him working in our lives, we need to work Him into our live :)
Mormon 9:18-21
I know we will be seeing miracles in the area and in the ward, maybe the fruits of our labores will be seen in June,  but for now we keep working and pushing for changes :)
Love you all!
dont really have too many fotos. we had a zone conference. 
foto with glasses and then without.. ;) haha oh and foto bomb from our district Leader Elder Gomez.
anddddd picture with Luz Maria!!!! her family will be Celestial :))
she makes these chocolates and sell them. the ones she gave us were for mothers day and say "madre" or "mama" 
:)) ¡mi mama mexicana! ;)



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