Monday, June 29, 2015

¡Week 60!

im not writing because i will see you all this week :) and for the others there are pics and captions from my week :)
Love, Hermana jOhnson
Alondrita and her puppy Princess!!
we are teaching this beautiful family :) some are less actives some arent members. this week they showed great faith and fasted with us so that they could find new work or a solution in their current jobs to go to church on Sundays! 
Pamela (we are teaching her dad and HE CAME TO CHURCH THIS SUNDAY), she was my companion for the WHOLE DAY on Friday :)) she has sent her papers in for the mission and is waiting for her call. she shared her testimony in church on sunday and said how great of an experience and preparation it was to have me as her "first companion" and that she is very tried from the day but full of strength for the next week haha the she learned how important it is to follow the Spirit and allow it to be your guide. :)
another day, another companion, another puppy :)

 heres your mooon pic mom :) its huge here!

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