Monday, June 29, 2015

58 [weeks] and feeling GREAT :)

the time.
it flies.
We will have two baptisms this Saturday. 
Hno. Dante, a future authority (says Hna. Johnson) and Hna. Nancy, a sweet, solid, single mom.
They both have had a bit of time in teaching and it is so wonderful to finally see them enter the waters of baptism :)) They both have had a LOT of the forces of Satan against them but have both shined through with their testimonies and the Light of Christ! I am so happy to see more members that I know will be great parts of the Lords kingdom here in Barrio Jardines ( Gardens Ward). A ward that has about 60 people in attendance on Sundays. 
It really is a privilege to know them both and to have them as parts of my full heart :)

My interview with President was PERFECT. Honestly it was the first time that i didn't feel nervous! He told me to say Hi to you all! and to thank you for a wonderful daughter (yeah yeah) and he told me that he knows I'm such a blessing to you guys as I have been to the mission..awwwwww. haha
I really am SO grateful for everything the mission has taught me and changed about me and for everything i have gone through. He challenged me to make a kind of covenant with God, to thank Him for everything that I have learned and for all of my happiness and because now I am a better person than i ever was (he told me that doesn't mean I was a bad person before, but that through the Lord I have become much better). And now I am promising to keep being the person and daughter that God has made of Me, to really have and live an eternal perspective, to keep going forward with my mission even when i'm back in the United States. 
I think i have mentioned this before, but I really do love that I put almos 26:12 as my "missionary scripture". it was revelation. It wasn't until my mission that i understood and LIVED these words from God. That i KNOW I was week. And at times still am. but that through Him I have been made strong. and if I always learn of and follow His will, I will keep that strength. 

President always asks about the family, and there are so many missionaries with problems and stuff going on at home, but i am SO grateful that I can always respond with good reports :) i am SO grateful for the blessing i have and the support that truly strengthens one. But i can only think that with all of this comfort and these blessings the Lord is preparing me for something that will pass in my life. Lots of things for the future. But as President Monson said..we live in today :) "Daydreaming of the past and longing for the future may provide comfort but will not take the place of living in the present. This is the day of our opportunity, and we must grasp it."
He also helped me to see and realize some of the Gifts that God has given me in life, and I know that I am a blessed girl :)
Leaving that interview, I had goosebumps all over my body. (i have really been sensitive to those in the mission hahaha as a way for everyone to know im feeling the spirit...haha). I really feel like with the mission i have had my mini Plan of Salvation. My life before the mission was like preternal life. the mission has put a veil over my eyes of the world that I am in and of what the Lord really wants me to see from it. I have definitely had my mini Atonement with the struggle and trials and pains, but with His saving grace I have lived and recieved the fullness of Joy :) As i told President, I cant wait to return home and move forward to more Celestial things :)
but WHAT JOY: i still have 5 months!!!!! so much to do, so little time :))

 2 Nephi: 27 And it came to pass that we lived after the manner ofhappiness.

Live the Gospel. Live Happy.
(Sea Feliz. Sea Mormon.)

Hermana JOhnson
the sun in Durango is GORGEOUS. (busride to Torreon..again)

we were twining with colors in zone conference

my companion is cute...
with my trainer in exchanges! we are looking chubbier than ever :))

We found my companions twin in a church video clip!! haha



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