Monday, June 29, 2015

68 (weeks) and feeling better than great!!!!

Okay. Week of finding the elect. 
So the sister Marta that we left a Book of Mormon with, didnt read. Said that she didnt have to, because God already told her that it wasnt true. 
Well, all I could feel in that lesson was a calm assurance. I know she will have her chance, and change her heart and God will help her see the truthfullness of it all. I know my dream was revelation, and that if she reads it she WILL KNOW that the book is true, and scripture from God. 
We found the Pulido Gomez Family. 
The mom told us that when she saw us in the street she thought to herself, "these are Daughters of God, and they are going to talk to me." Well good thing we listened to the Spirit and talked to her!  :)
Shes SO good :)
We taught her with ALL of her kids (teenagers and adults) and invited them to baptism in the first lesson, because it was so powerful. The mom was crying and told us that if we bring her children to the Lord, she will accept that they all get baptized.
We went back in the week and taught her husband, and he was just as powerful. 
Their son went to mutual with two friends and the parents came to church yesterday. (it was "too early" for the rest to wake up) haha
In Gospel Principles class we were talking about sacrifices and blessings; Luz (the wife) commented that she told her boss that Sundays are for the Lord and she wont work those days. He told his employees to be more like her. hahaha
so cute :)
i love this family and am so blessed to watch them become an  eternal one :) 
(two other invests. came to church and are overcaoming hard things in life to progress to baptism :)

Ate a fruit named IGO. it was good. shown in the puppy sticking out his tounge pic.

"..God is shaping and directing you every single day to ends more glorious than you can know!" 
Romans 8:28

love you all!!

the usual dogs pics hehe ..he gave me the tounge :(
the wall said "I heart Gomez Palacio" the town im in
and a companionship pic :)) my companion is so cute!!
another market contacting activity!!!! i love seeing the wards and members learning how to share the gospel with their fellow men :) so cute. hard. but thats how the Atonement was :) worth it. they are learning and exceling with perseverance :)
the little boy with the list is a recent convert that was taking down references :)
i dont think you can tell, but that was me yesterday, soaked haha. it randomly pours here..makes it fun.
and a memeber sent us a message saying "thank you sisters for letting me participate in blessings" :)) awwww also a convert. he stopped by for the Fam. Pulido Gomez yesterday and brought them to church for us :))) it was beautiful. #memebersandmissionaries haha hashtag.


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