Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 63

umm. we had transfers today (4 week transfers) and i got transferred.
Im in Gomez Palacio. So I have now been in all three parts of the mission (Torreon, Durango, y Gomez). 
I am in a trio right now, but one of the Sisters returns home in two weeks (the 6 week transfers) so we will see what happens with me and my other compaƱion in two weeks :)
well quickly form the week.....
we tried contacting EVERYONE, and had 167 contacts from the week (people that we go up to and talk to and invite them to hear about the gospel of Jesus Christ).
Arrived to our lesson with Hno. Antonio y Pamela, and Bishop was there visiting him with his first counselor (woohoo for ward support). 
Hno. Antonio told us that we arent wasting our time teaching him. He said that he knows we arent there for chance or for whatever, but that we have a purpose and now he has more answers then before. 
" To say that you know it, but to actually accept it are two different actions." -Bishop Rios
Hna. Maria Socorro telling us that she will just stop drinking coffee without a problem because she wants to be clean to have the gift of the Holy Ghost. she told us that she has to make sacrifices in order to be firm in her faith :) (she also said this about going to church and visiting her sick mother after the services)
Hno. Dante trying to make visits with us in the week, but the appts. we invited him to, nobody was there..and his saying "i wanted to be a missionary, and here i am." haha still happy and animated as ever :) (strongest convert ever). Oh, and also seeing him bless the Sacrament :)
"obedience is the most powerful tool that we have in order to be happy." (Relief Society class)
"the first step to perfection is recognizing your errors."(Relief Society class)
We had a great Ward Council and meeted with the Relief Society President to plan new things!
Im excited for that ward and wish them the best :)
Now im excited to see what Philedelphia 2 brings me :)

Love you
Hna. JOhnson

Welp. We are hitting the summer months again, but the really strong ones. Everyone says that these parts are the hottest in Mexico, because we are really close the the sun and basically in deserts. I have started putting sunscreen in my hair parts with q-tips...thats how serious it is. haha but im not getting burned and obviously using sunscreen everyday (dont worry mom).

PPS who knows when ill get mail because in my old area we were going to have our conference with pdt. this week and now in my new area they already had the conf..hahaha how sad. oh well.
love you all

me and Hna. Cano, shes in my generation of missioanries. 14 months!! woah.
me and babay. Hna. Moguel :)) awwww. she was the best compaƱion. Such a wonderful expereince training...even though i think she trained me :)) 

welp. that day came today. haha two pics from the week...
we were teaching one cute older sister and her 2 grandchildren, she should be baptized this 13th of june!!!! well her granddaughter had us in barbie form ;)
and sis. cory rios..she funny and great :)

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