Monday, June 29, 2015

.week 64.

ok. quick review.
well from the last week and last area there are two things i wanted to share and forgot to..
my last week in Jardines, we were focusing on talking to everybody and contacted a cute young couple that we planned on visiting in the week. we passed by their house for the appointment and an older woman answered the door. i recognized her face and realized that it was another contact that we had made in the week and just so happend to be the mom of the husband we contacted. we taught almost everyone from their family and the mom told us she knows its a sign from the Lord because we found them all in different occasiones and different places. they all accpeted to be baptized in the first lesson we gave (i hope everything is going good for them).
the other story is about Luz Maria. not sure if you remeber the foto i sent of us with her. well there was about one week that we kept calling and passing by and couldnt find her. we finally contacted her one day and she told us that she went in for a check up at the hospital and they found that she has cancer. <it was a pretty strong thing to hear from someone we care about so much. she is SO strong in her faith and kept saying how she trust in Gods will, and just worries for her kids. She questioned why God would let this happend to them when she is trying to get closer to Him! through the example of Christ in the garden of Getsemene and explaining the Atonement we helped her find peace and hope. I know that God wasnt punishing her for getting closer to Him. Oppocision will always come, and these are things that we all agreed to before this life! I know that God was blessing her and helping her as He sent us to her in this moment very hard moment of her life. I could not have felt more greatful to the Lord for the opportunity to be His servant in helping her see Him in her life and not loose her faith. 
I loved reading the talk on Atonement dad! thanks for sending it! (reading part for part each morning in my person study haha)
well this week was great.
talking to everyone, trying to get the map of the area in my head...its some 22 colonials (towns-neighborhoods) and we walk it all..oh yeah :)
we had 234 contacts and 18 new investigatores for the week. With meeting and finding lots of new people we hope to find the elect :)
today i got my "three month left call"! ahhhhh! haha i was washing my clothes out back. the secretary of the mission called and asked me to read two scriptures: D&C 88:84 and Moroni 9:6. she then commented lots of stuff about me and the time ive had being a Representative of Jesus Christ and my diligence. and then she asked me what airport is closest to my house...hahaha WOW. yeah. they are buying the ticket. I told them Dulles. Normally the sisters cry when they get this call..haha i didnt. i think the secretary was haha. I know what things are to come, but i stil have so much precious time to get lost in the work.
love you all!
love your nieghbor ;)
be good. 
be true.
be Christian.
be Mormon.
Hermana JOHnson
blurry, but they are baby puupies!! im allowed to hold them :)))
our walk to church (and in the distant a cute recent convert family riding their bikes to church :) --when people ride bikes with more than 1 person, or as a family, it means there is someone sitting on the handle bars and someone sitting on a piece of wood or something behind the seat.
its been a year since sitting on a was lovely :) (at the house of a member who made us lunch :)
we were walking in the street basically from one end of our area to the other..which is a longgg distance, and saying how hungry we were haha. well god answers the littlest of prayers. there was a cute older couple outside of a tienda (market shop) who were smiling and pointing at us, so we thought..lets go contact them haha they happened to be members of the church from another ward and gave us each a box of little desert treats that they make and sell!!! haha i told my companion that it was God saying, "I answered your prayer, you got what you need, now get to work." hahaha


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