Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 59..running out of time!!!!

¿Is there nothing more happier than seeing others Come Unto Christ? 
And then having the privilege and honor of being a part of that conversion??? 
I can testify that there is no other joy like it.
Hno. Dante and Hna. Nancy had their beautiful baptismal service this Saturday!!! yay!!!! Us four missionaries from the ward sang a really pretty version of "Cuando Me Bautice" (I like to Look for Rainbows) and "Sígueme".  And then I got an email today of an old investigator from my old area that also got baptized!!!!! Hno. Oscar!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh. I hope he goes on a mission :)) I remember contacting his grandma, passing by weeks later and finding him, realizing that I had actually met him BEFORE in my FIRST area, tell the ward council that we found another "escogido", teaching him with Hno. Gil (another recent convert), seeing him at church, and then inviting him to baptism about three times!! haha QUE BUENO QUE POR FIN SE BAUTIZO! ohhh the miracles from the mish :)
ok ok ok.
lots of stuff going on.
Hno. Antonio (who I have talked about, whose daughter Pamela in the only member of her family)..well we taught him this week, and at the end of the lesson took about 30 minutes helping him to feel comfortable enough to pray. it was so tense with the Spirit haha and so worth it! because when he FINALLY gave the prayer, it was definitely THE MOST powerful and heartfelt prayer I have heard on the mission. for someone who is going through REALLY hard stuff in his life, and to see him learn to trust in himself, recognize his faith, and turn to the Lord is remarkable. We invited him and he actually went to the baptisms saturday!! we hope that he attends church this sunday.
We found a couple elect people this week.
Nayeli and Ivan, young cute parents of two cute girls. Nayeli has crazy questions and it actually makes my companion nervous how she questions us but i love it. haha it shows her true concerns and interest and with the Spirit we are really able to help her feel the truth of it all :) good things to come with them.
Luz Maria, is the mom of 3 teenager boys and a 7 yr old girl. We have yet to meet her husband but she and her children are prepared by the Lord for us! We contacted her on the street and in the first lesson invited her to baptism and put a date. She really wants her children and family to learn and follow the ways of the Lord..we hope she starts coming to church to be able to fulfill these worthy desires :)
Hermanita Flor. She is about our age and has a baby girl of 3 months. We contacted and taught her in the moment, outside her house and invited her to baptism and set a date in the same moment. She is insanely prepared and wants the best for her little family. 
The Lord is so good and so great. His confidence in us is unreal and He keeps guiding us with His Spirit, to His prepared elect :)
OH. Hno. Dante shared with us a dream that he had the night before his baptism!! realllllll powerful. The Holy Spirit really does testify to us to guide and help us stay on the right path :) and I really know that Hno. Dante and his family will go on to do amazing things in the Kingdom of God. Future authority, really. 
wellllllpppppppp. other crazy stuff, but that ill spare. jiji
love you all!
Love God, Love your neighbor, be good :)
Hna. Johnson

his name is Polly. the bird of a member, and we are teaching her dad!! (he is Antonio)
 Hna. Cori!!!!!!! she made us a cake!!!! my favorite...chocolate with flan on top..i dont know how to describe flan..but i love it haha Hna. Cori is great with being our third companion in lessons :) her son also got baptized this saturday!

Hno. Dante!!!!! his children and his dad, who is also taking lessons from the missionaries!
 Hna. Nancy and her crazy kids (missing one)!!!!

Hna. Natane goes home this week!!!!!!! wow. she was in the first generation of American Sisters in the mission. Im in the third.

real shock. real embarassing. real funny. the wind is really hard here....
last picture of the four of us ward Jardines missionaries :)
a new 6 weeks. a new agenda. the new and the old haha


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