Monday, June 29, 2015

.Semana 66.


Miércoles, 10 Junio: Happy Birthday to me!!! We dropped Hna. Reyes off at the mission office and received a birthday package!!! whoo hoo :) who knew that the perfect timing would be 3 months after, thanks Whitney :) (im wearing the shirt and loving the flipbook). BEST MOMENT, hearing "¡Hermana JOhnson!" and seeing Hno. Oscar!!!!!!!! He and his mom were dropping off one of the Sister missionaries who was also returning home. Seeing Hno. Oscar after being baptized and telling me that he is now 2nd counselor in the Young Mens program and that his mom plans to be baptized in July!!!! my heart :)))) was filled :)))) tender mercies from the Lord. Also, seeing off Hna. Leaitaua and just listening to her sharing me inspired words that I needed to feel animated (?) and at peace with everything :)
Viernes, 12 Junio: We are getting to know the WHOLE Martinez family :) Hna. Rita is an investigator that we found 2 weeks ago. In this week, through her, we were able to meet and teach her daughter Karen and her children, her daughter Blanca and her husband Aaron and 2 babies (one is also named Aaron and has down syndrome and is THE CUTEST baby), her niece Rosario and her 2 daughters, her husband Reyes, son Omar and his friend Orlando. Well its not a coincidence that their Aunt Carmen who is a member moved in with them all and has been accompanying us in the lessons :) we hope to get the ward involved this week and see miracles happen with this great family :) ........just remebering the tight hug from Rita last night as she thanked me after our lesson ..and knowing that it was more of a "thank you for spreading the gospel to all of my children".
This is exactly what our Father in Heaven wants. I cant even imagine how tight the hug will be in HIS arms in the day of Returning back to Him :) wow. I want to keep working and being worthy to have that moment :) 
Or even the same moment with my father in the airport..i think it will be pretty close to the same ;) (awwwwww ok. i wont think that far into the future. haha love you!)--HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! I LOVE YOU. YOU ARE THE BEST FATHER IN THE WORLD. but really. im a lucky lady. :)
Domingo, 14 Junio: quote.."if you magnify your calling, the Spirit will magnify you." 
"Is it not worth it, facing rejection..the same rejection that our Savior faced?"
"We serve to be prefected." (servimos para perfeccionarnos) 
After our meal with Fam. Garcias Velez (a really cute young married couple with a baby boy) they were talking about how they both work and are barely home and dont even know their neighbors. I told them, "lets go get to know them!" and we challenged them to introduce us to their neighbors. Result: one new really cute family and one Family Home Evening this next weekend, and one new family where the dad is in bed rest with a bunch of ugly stuck poked in his body because he had an accident a work..and works in construction. Through Members and Missionaries working together, the Lord works miracles. We hope to see them in the coming week :)

Mosiah 26: 18, 20, 24 (love.)

Hna. JOhnson
her first day in the field in the mission offices!! so cute :)
our zone
the list of meals haha random.


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