Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 62, not much new.

haha i like rhyming now. (how do you spell rhyming?)

well i think my body´s getting falling asleep in prayers..and thats while I´M the one giving also dozing off when im in the middle of writing teaching forms (registros de enseñanza)..(all of this at night in the middle of our daily planning, right before we go to bed). 
haha but my Spirit is bright!!!

Just a couple of notes from the week, from the Weekling Missionary Planner of Sister Johnson....
-14 Mayo 2015, Got bit by a pit bull. After already petting him and being told that he doesnt bite. Didnt cry. 
-15 Mayo 2015, The Lord knows. His timing and reasons are perfect. In the area where we planned to work all morning, something happened with a group of men and gun shots and there were a lot of police. and then the appointment we had feel through but as we were walking away from the house, a man who was hiding ran into the same house shouting for them to open the door. I know we are protected as missionaries, and although Im in a place with worldly danger, I know I have Heavenly Help :)
- 16 Mayo 2015, Hna Marta (investigator): "Said my prayer and asked God to know if I should unite myself and my family with this church and that same night I was able to sleep in complete peace. I felt so good! It makes me feel better when i listen to you guys praying than when i say my Rosario." (her Catholic Prayers)
Hna. Carolina: "I have so many days without being able to sleep and the night that i prayed I slept the whole night. I felt SO at peace." 
The Power of Prayer :)
-17 Mayo 2015, Ward Conference. We normally dont have a piano player, and Im normally sitting with my companion and investigators (and really dont feel good enough to play the piano). This time the Spirit was burning inside of me to offer to play for the congregation. With the final hymn i rushed over to the chorister and asked if she wanted me to accompany her, and she was so thrilled :) We finished the Conference Sacrament meeting with "Placentero nos es trabajar" (we dont have it in English, i think). and with the piano it was powerful :) definitely added a Spirit. Learning to be more confident with my God given gifts :) (but still needing piano practice haha)

well i love you all!!!!!!!

Isaias 53:2..Jesus was a plainly man, for that his Representatives must be too. (living the effects of the mission haha) BUT some how all returned missionaries come back beautiful and bright :)

Hermana JOhnons
my bebe :)) shes so great. and likes sponge bob (sorry mom)
Hna Rita!!!! she made us tamales because she knows i love them :)) awwww. we love tamales..haha


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