Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 65: The last 12 weeks and the first 12 weeks...

Ok. Dont have time. 
And dont have pictures.
Forgive me!!!
Im training again. 
WHOO HOO :))))
My last 12 weeks will be the first 12 weeks of Hna. Lopez. from Cancun..ooooohhhh! I know have my house there ;)
When I was told last night that I will be training again, and like that last time with only 2 weeks in my area, I was actually filled with such a strong spiritual confirmation and such happiness!! I know that this will really help me to finish STRONG (Daddy Roger ;) and to keep learning and bettering (is that a word?) myself and my work.
Hna. Lopez is an excellent missionary!! She is SO cute and I am so grateful to be training someone so humble and full of life and desires to work, like it was with Hna. Moguel :)
i love you all!!!!
lots of stories next week.
LOTS of work for this week.
(my companion lost the map...two of learning from scratch haha and now have the best companion to work with me :)
We are still in a trio until Hna. Reyes leaves wednesday. 
its interesting...accommodating with someone who has just gotten to the finish and someone who is finishing. a bit tricky but not impossible haha 
all is good. Im excited for this week and the next 12 :))
love you all!!!!!!!!!

"love isnt a situation of contemplation" its service. its actions. -pdt. Ramos

Hna. JOhnson

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